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    Two small twigs! Ha ha!! That cracked me up big time!! Good one!
  2. besty

    DRZ400 vs Honda XR400

    I ride with a mate that has an XR400. I actually find them alot the same to ride. I find mine more comfortable probably because I'm used to it. I notice a little bit more power on mine but not heaps. I suppose theres not as much to go wrong with an XR but all the little extras on the DRZ is why I bought it!!! And love it!
  3. besty

    Changing speedo cable.

    Thanks for that! Only thing is when I undo that screw down on the front hub the cable won't just come right out. Seems to run into the forks before it comes all the way out. Maybe I just have to get a bit more psyical with it! I'll try again tomorrow!
  4. besty

    Changing speedo cable.

    I know it's a simple one but I thought I'd just ask before I did it the hard way. I just want to replace my speedo cable that was chewed on my last ride. Can someone tell me the quickest easiest way. thanks Besty
  5. besty

    Are CFC's available in Australia

    Yeh. I'll definitely be in depending on price. Looking forward to seeing how much it will cost!
  6. besty

    Are CFC's available in Australia

    You sound like you speak from experience Pad! How much did it cost you?
  7. I know most of you guys here are from the USA but do any of you guys know if we Australians can get some here? Haven't really looked hard yet but thought I would ask here first! I just thought by the time I ordered them from TT store, converted the US dollar and had them shipped to my house it would be an expensive exercise. Any ideas??
  8. besty


    Cool. Thanks Knopey! Funny you are just around the corner somewhere here in Port and I found out all this through this forum. Hey, you riding this weekend. I'm going to try and get out. Let me know where you are going if you are and I might try and hook up with you. Thanks again. Besty
  9. besty


    Thanks Burned!
  10. besty

    Is radiator working properly?

    Sounds normal to me! I woouldn't worry at all!! But I'm no expert either. Just sounds the same as what mine does week after week!! Besty
  11. besty


    Was looking at my compliance plate today and noticed that it is stamped KLX400B. Made in the 12 month 2002. So this is the same as what model DRZ? S..... E which one do you guys think it is. I think it is the same as an S cause it has the steering lock. Am I right? might have to change my signature. Ha ha!! Thanks Everyone! Besty
  12. besty

    Any of you DRZrs own a ZX10R or ZZR1200

    I was in the same boat as you about 3 years ago. I ended up with the ZZR1100 for alot of reasons and most of them you have listed! I take my wife on the ZZR every other week, (The week I'm not playing in the bush!) I think for versatility it is the DRZ of the road. It has got more power than you could ever want but not that rip off your arms stuff like the R1 and the like. It is a little heavier but I still manage to keep up with most bikes on our local mountain! I have ridden a mates 03 1200 and it is just a much smoother more powerful ride then my 1100. Great on a long trip with a lambswool seat cover as well. I also want to stay alive for my family and an R1 or something like that just wants to be ridden hard and fast. I say go for the ZZR. You will never regret it! Besty
  13. besty

    Standard `03 DRZ front brake

    Should work fine. My stock one will lock easily if I want it to, not that I want it to though!
  14. besty

    ZZR1200 Kawa?

    I've had a ZZR1100 for a couple of years. Rode alot of other bikes before that and this is definitely the best I've had. Really comfy if you want to tour but still has the good grunt when you want it. Mine had full yosh on when I got it though which gave it a bit more. I love it. Have had a good ride on the 1200. ust a more modern better smoother version of the 1100. Besty
  15. besty

    been a spectator long enough!

    That all sounds good but why is your name XR chuck? I bet you have a whole heap of bikes. Hope so! And I bet you ride the DRZ more!! This place is great!