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  1. I picked up a stepped brake tip to try out first. It looks like it will help quite a bit.
  2. utah

    I like to park on the south east side of the mountain by the corrals. Most of the trails intersect back that way and it’s pretty central. I’m glad you liked it out there, it’s crazy how much single track is hidden away in there!
  3. utah

    The only place I’ve see. Signs like that are on the far north end by eagle mountain. The bulk of lake mountain and surrounding areas are open to motorized vehicle travel. Lots of us start on the south end of the range and ride to the north up the mountains or stay low on the south and west sides. If you come from the eagle mountain side, just keep in mind it’s all private property until your on the base of the mountain. There are several ranchers over there who are quite upset about people parking and unloading in their grazing area.
  4. Awesome ideas, thank you! I read through your other post and will shorten up that actuator rod as well. Thank you for the links! They were very helpful
  5. I’m completely in love with my Xtrainer, but there’s one thing that I can’t figure out. Why do the brake pedals sit up so high? At first I thought my stock pedal was bent, so I swapped it for a Boano one. When that didn’t fix it I looked around at other Xtrainers and realized they are all the same. Notice that this is adjusted DOWN as far as possible! I’ve even removed the jam nut behind the Clevis for extra adjustment. As it sits in its lowest position it’s still about 1 inch above my foot pegs. This causes me to ride with my foot beside the brake instead of covering it, and one day it will cause a wreck. Does anyone have any idea how I can improve this? Could there be something I’m overlooking? Are you guys experiencing the same thing?
  6. You sir, are a google ninja! Seriously though thanks for the link. I’m a bit nervous about fit since it fits sx, sx mini, and adventure. I know there have been changes over the years
  7. I let my daughter design her own graphics and she decided on blacked out background with hot pink numbers and cyan blue designs. That will look really cool, but not in the factory orange and white plastics plastics. I’m shocked to find it impossible to get black plastics for these little bikes! Does anybody know where I can find some??
  8. I just picked up a set from They fit great and look great.
  9. Is this a real concern? I’ve never heard that one, interesting.
  10. I’d just tack weld a nut onto it and back it off with that
  11. Ha ha, No you sure don’t! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been wanting to try a Scalvini pipe on my XT
  12. I’ve heard the metal in these is very thin. Do these seem fragile, or dent easier than other pipes?
  13. I will, Thanks
  14. Do you have anymore of these? I can’t find any through the link anymore
  15. Start there and see what happens. I’ve had much better luck stripping parts and selling the bike lower, but it’s such a shame to do.