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  1. 05honda450r

    Rings for Athena 280 Big Bore

    western power sports can get the rings by themselve. parts unlimited also i think.
  2. 05honda450r

    Torn meniscus & Mcl

    two weeks ago today 5-18-07, i had repaired the meniscus and mcl. they put 2 stitches in the meniscus and left the mcl alone, said that was not torn in half and would heal ok. here are not questions, what is a real time frame before, i should really think about riding again? i am pro practice rider(lol_. meaning i dont race on the tracks but love to ride them and jump and ride fast as possible, (b rider) i am 37. i am going to pt 3 times a week and they told i am doing great. already have full forward to lock postion, and 137 out 144 degees on back rotation. but do have pain when try to go back that far and the pain is in the back on calf and knee area. please let me know what you think dr. mark sanders ps. i a m riding a dirt bike also not a 4 wheeler anymore. :lol: :thumbsup: thanks again
  3. 05honda450r

    04 kx125 fork guide to replace seals?

    thanks the guide. these were alot easier then honda forks. thanks again still waiting on the manual for oil specs now
  4. 05honda450r

    04 kx125 fork guide to replace seals?

    thanks but that really does not help. i would like instructions per manual, so i know what order to take them apart. but thanks for the pics and site
  5. 05honda450r

    04 kx125 fork guide to replace seals?

  6. anyone have a guide with pics? i ordered a manual but will not be here till next week. i got the seals already. thanks in advance steve
  7. 05honda450r

    no power

    the only thing i did was wash the bike? then this started its not the normal bog on accel, i mean it will not accel at all past ilde speeds. thanks again
  8. 05honda450r

    no power

    here is the problem i am having now, bike starts and ilde fine but when try to snap the throttle, acts like no fuel. trys to die and will if hold the throttle open. any ideas?
  9. 05honda450r

    Milky Oil Only

    ok, i went to the track today and was unable to start the motor, come to find out that i left on the airbox cover lid for washing the airbax an no air filter with me. so put bike back in truck and come home put off seat and put the air filter on. start up like normal now, but will not accel off ilde speed, bogs and dies. so check the plug thinking that after trying to kick and push starting during the day, that i may have fouled the plug out.(looked bad) put a new plug in and does the same thing again. any ideas? next thing i do was checked the oil for some reason and comes to notice that the oil is milky. why? when cranked up at home tonight ran great expect for would not accel. but the fast ilde with choke on was fine. i guess my real question would be how did the oil get like that? checked the radiator and looks ok. no oil on top of water. possible that the oil foamed? any ideas thanks again steve
  10. i just put together a 280 big bore kit on my 06 crf250r i live in memphis tn elavation 273 bike is completely stock expect this mod now. would like some ideas where to start on jetting. THANKS AGAIN STEVE
  11. 05honda450r

    big bore kit 280 help

    sorry the bike is a 06 crf250r motor is complely stock no engine mods
  12. 05honda450r

    big bore kit 280 help

    i am going to get the anthena big bore kit 280 soon, and have been looking for some info on this subject. my main question is going to jetting after installed. i live in memphis tn, so i hope info will help on jetting sizes maybe needed. and is there anything esle i should be looking for. going to check valve clearances before pulling it down also. thanks again
  13. 05honda450r

    pro design kill switch

    have to says very disappointed noone has been any help on this subjust thought for sure there was some pro riders that has done this already to race.
  14. 05honda450r

    pro design kill switch

    noone knows how to do this?
  15. 05honda450r

    Honda pro design kill switch

    which wire do you tap into? i know it says the pos side of coil or handebar on.off switch , i dont have a service man. thanks for any help