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  1. It's a turn off for me as well. I don't want to be at 10,000' in July and the weather drop and the battery die. I had my dealer install the kickstarter (Orange Parts OEM) when I bought both of my bikes. Since I ordered it when I bought the bike, I got it included in the purchase price with 35% off of the kit and the installation. Now both bikes have a kicker.
  2. Guys, I just bought a 350 EXC-F (a 250 for the Mrs. as well). My suggestion is go for it. Coming off a 2007 250 XCF-W, the 350 is as light as a 125 2-smoke. You won't be disappointed. I started on a DRZ400 as well, and I loved the bike, but it wasn't suited for enduro. I can tell you that this 350 can do adventure rides and enduros alike. It's not perfect at any one thing, but it's damn good at everything.
  3. After tearing apart my Keihin FCR-MX3900G carb, I go to remove my leak jet from the float bowl and it crumbles. The jet would not come out. Needless to say, my float bowl is now shot. My bike sat for 2 years with bad gas in it and its been a nightmare to get running again. Plugged jets, junk, you name it. Any ideas on carb options? A totally new carb is far out of my price range and I can't seem to find a rebuilt carb either. Should I just take it to a KTM dealer and have it stripped down, cleaned and jetted? Any ideas on prices or where to go? I'm at a loss here and I'm really stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I just moved to CO from NJ. I have the JD Jetting kit for my bike. The problem is that I cannot find the instruction sheet for it in order to rejet for the higher altitude. Does anyone have a pdf for it or possibly post it so I can get back to riding. I can't find the specs anywhere.
  5. I cleaned the pilot with some carb cleaner and some tobacco pipe cleaners. She's as clean as a rifle barrell for military inspection. My concern is simply that I may have unknowingly adjusted something else while cleaning that might have caused my dilemma.
  6. Donny18

    Timekeeping questions for first enduro

    Someone may have said this already, since my brain is stewing reading all of the well informed posts, but why not buy a Watch Dog Computer from Dugas Engineering? I've used Pacemakers, Checkmates, and the good ol clock method. I find that these are easy to program, easy to read, and take ALL the guesswork out. The other reason I like it is becuase the screen display is big and easy to read at a glance. Unfortunately, several of my club members noticed this and I am on Watchdog #4 because I'm too generous. http://www.dugasengineering.com Any questions programming one, let me know. I'm a whiz at it.
  7. I just dusted off my 2007 KTM 250 XCF-W after 2 years. Cleaned the carb, tank, and added a spark plug. SHE LIVES!!!! The problem I am hqaving is that the bike will not run unless the choke is on. I purchased a JD Jetting kit when I bought the bike and she worked fine when I put her away, but now, I got issues. I haven't changed any jets or fuel/air screw adjustments since installing the kit. I'm wondering if I "bumped" something during cleaning maybe Does anyone have the specs on the JD Kit at sea level? I can't find my intruction manuel for the kit and I have no idea the specs. Any other ideas possibly?
  8. Donny18

    No one makes 250 XCF-W parts!

    Thanks guys! The Hyde racing one looks pretty trick. I'm not sold on the polymer skid plates just yet. I just don't see them handling scaling rocks as well as the metal ones. It definitely looks the best though. Anyone tried one?
  9. Has anyone noticed that absolutely NO ONE makes a full skid plate for the 2007 250XCF-W? I've been sitting here for 2 hours trying to find one before the upcoming ECEA rock runs and can't seem to find one. Anybody got any ideas?
  10. Donny18

    2007 KTM EXC-F pictures...

    All this is good. My big question for 2007 is. . . . . . . WILL THEY BE STREET LEGAL?????????
  11. TT-R 125, but look for the L model, you'll get more use out of it. Although, to be truthful, look into the tt-r 230, you won't get bored of it easily.
  12. Donny18

    atv or dirt bike

    If I was you, and I know that I'm not. I would check out some of the 250 motocrossers. I would stay away from the Honda though, everyone I know has trouble. It will cost you a bit more, but I think if you went with the 230 you would get bored of it quite quick. A 250F would serve your purpose and give you plenty of room for skill imporovement before your are ready to step into something else. Definitely go dirt bike, much more fun. Just my opinion.
  13. Donny18

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I doubt. This thread has really slowed down in the last month or so. I just love the pics that guys post of girls they will never have. Post some reall women. (ex. JA, CLeared)
  14. Donny18

    CDR Hare Scrambles Mt. Pleasant MX, 10/22-10/23

    I know the track has been closed. It WILL be open for this event. They don't have harescrambles at Mt. Pleasant on a routine basis. This is a joint venture between the track owner Eric, and Competition Dirt Riders motorcycle club. This is and ECEA harescrmables series sanctioned event and it is for points. It's really great because it mixes both MX and enduro. Again, the track is closed for reorganizing purposes but will be open for this event. I suggest everyone take advantage of this chance to come out and have some fun, support Eric and the track, and Competition Dirt Riders as well.
  15. Competition Dirt Riders will be having their Hare Scrambles on October 22 and 23rd at Mt. Pleasant MX in Woodbine N.J. There's been more trail added this year and it's an excellent mix of MX and off-road. Youth Classes events will be on Saturday and the C class and A and B classes on Sunday. Check out Competition Dirt Riders website for more information or Mount Pleasant MX for directions. Come out and enjoy the ride while supporting some of your fellow TT'ers.