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    650r D/s Conversion?

    I'm installing a kit now on my 05. I got it from dualsportamerica. It took a LONG time to get, but the kit is a good one. Don't worry about rewinding the stator if you're just going to run a legal headlight. Installing the kit is easy and if you're good at wiring, you can make your own so it's cheaper. And where I live a battery is required to keep the tail light on after the engine is off, so my kit and the last BajaDesigns kit I bought came with a battery. It all comes down to spending the money for someone else to assemble the wiring harness or you doing it yourself and buying all the materials seperately.
  2. RhedF350

    Thinking Northern Nevada (help please).

    The dirt bike registration thing is coming, that's true. The riding in and around Reno is still really good. The complete idiots from the People's Republic of California are trying their best to change this place into what they've escaped from. A lot of the off road dirtbikers here carry legally with ccw's, also. If you can stand the 'fornians it's an outdoor type of place, in spite of the 'outdoor enthusiasts' who think anything but hiking should be illegal (Another Californicated mentality that causes conflict).
  3. RhedF350

    Tire question...

    OK, went and put on a Maxxis desert. I think it's called a Desert IT. We'll see, it's one I haven't tried yet. I'll ride in the rocks Thursday.
  4. RhedF350

    Tire question...

    The 739 works good in the hard dirt here. I had a stock 756? on the back and I liked the way it stuck, but it wore fast and when things dried out it really disappeared. So, I think the 739AT is hard terrain. I'll look when I go to the shop in a few and see what they say. The other riders here ride sandy whoops with fewer rocks, so they would know.
  5. RhedF350

    Tire question...

    I'm putting a new rear tire on today...I have used Maxxis and Pirellis and Dunlops. The best one on the pig so far is the D739 Desert AT Dunlop. I ride in the hard desert really rocky stuff and the same thing when it's snowy or wet. When I got back from today's ride and looked at the rear, I noticed that the blocks all are worn but no tearing. I've had it on since December and ride about 25-40 miles about 3 times a week.
  6. RhedF350

    2003 Xr650r Jetting Question

    Don't know if you tried the jetting forum, but I am finally done with the jetting my 05. I'm at 4600' and went back to the 65 pilot, and 162 main. The needle is still in the middle and the other stuff is like you did. The 68s or the 65 was a close one with the 65 resulting in more choke time, so I used that one figuring it would help with hot starts or flooding after a dump. The main just would not work richer than about the 162, I started low near 158 and went up to 175. At my altitude, it was really boggy. I've looked at 3 plugs and while the 175 wasn't dripping, it was black and the 162 is brown. I'm thinking maybe you could lean the main out some and see what happens...
  7. RhedF350

    4.6 Gal IMS tank for XR650R

    I just installed a 3.4 IMS in October. I had to trim the shroud on the right about 1/4 inch, but no other problems. I've ridden over 500 miles so far since the new tank. Yes it feels top heavy, but reasonable since it's narrower than stock. I can also go to 100 miles until needing gas, but even then there's still a little left. If you mix single track and desert or open areas, I'd say go for the 3.4... If you are dual-sported, go for the bigger one. Just .02 from me.
  8. RhedF350

    Valve adjustment issues...

    Take off the stator cover. Make sure the comp release lever is slack and not bound up. Rotate the crank around counter-clockwise and you'll see the intakes open and close and then the exhausts. Line up the TDC mark when the valves are closed. If in doubt, go around again. When the valves are closed, the comp release should be a non -issue. Set the clearances and you're good to go.
  9. RhedF350

    Valve adjustment issues...

    And as far as the starting issue, you sure you didn't leave anything undone when you pulled the tank?
  10. RhedF350

    Valve adjustment issues...

    There's a lot of talk about how much drag is right on a feeler guage. The rule I know is if the next size up fits, it's too loose and converse for the next size down. I just did an adjustment on my 05 at 1000mi, and the same thing for me. The exhausts were really tight and the intakes were somewhat tight. So I left them just barely loose but not to the next sized guage. Also, I just rode this am in 23f weather and the thing seemed off. So I pulled the thermostat and found it stuck open. I replaced it with a Napa #115. Just FYI, and there's lots of discussion about that toopic also.
  11. RhedF350

    Tight intake valves?

    I just did the first adjustment on mine this week. It's an 05 650r with 1000miles on it. The intakes and exhausts were all tight. I couldn't even get the 020 into the ex side. I left them just a bit loose and it fired up and ran and idled fine. I ride with a bunch of xr guys and they swear that the factory sends them tight to seat. But also that it's OK to run them a little loose. I'm not even gonna check em again till about 500 miles or so.
  12. RhedF350

    Jetting question 650R - starting issue

    Went for a 55 mile mostly single track ride yesterday. The first stall and dump on a rocky uphill resulted in 20 minutes of trying to restart the pig. I'll switch to the 65 pilot soon. Then I boiled all of the coolant from the overflow tank after another slow uphill...but ran it for another 20 miles with no trouble. I checked the radiator level after it cooled and could still see antifreeze over the fins. Also ordered a 13 for the front sprocket.
  13. RhedF350

    Jetting question 650R - starting issue

    Well, I'm goin out this am for a ride. Start here at 5000 and ride to about 9000 and back. I'll try the flooded thing with the 68s that's in the bike, then When I ride the same loop later this week, I'll have the 65 in it. It's about 30f now with a max of 58 today.
  14. RhedF350

    Jetting question 650R - starting issue

    I settled on the 68s after jetting the main with a 162. I tried the 65 at first, but it was definitely harder to start. With the 68s on a 100f day, the full choke is about 15-30 seconds, and on the 30f days, the full choke time is a full minute. It seems like the right setup for the bike, however the hot flooded starting is hard. I never gave much thought to the 65 being easier to start after flooding. Maybe I'll retry the 65 next time it's apart...
  15. RhedF350

    Jetting question 650R - starting issue

    Are you talking about a 650r? I'm at 5000' and went with the 68s pilot. It starts much easier than when it had the stock 65.
  16. RhedF350

    Nevada Proposed OHV Registration Draft Up

    F*****n Californians! This represents from it's inception, the wishes of recent people who've moved here from The People's Republic. The tax collection and safety and other aspects are just a way for the whale-huggers to make things legal.
  17. My base elevation is 4500 and I'm using a 68s and 158 main with the clip in the middle. I tried a 165 and went back to the 158 because all of my riding goes up from there. The 165 is fine, but I never tried it during hot weather. My bike has the same mods (intake, tip, but stock air filter box). I ride about three times a week, and have looked at the plug once for fun and it was brown and in good shape.
  18. RhedF350

    What is required to legally off-road in Nevada?

    Most of the riding you'll find is on public lands. If you ride near the border of Ca, get an over the counter sticker at a bike shop. The Northern Nv BLM rangers don't worry about much, and just assume you're using a spark arrestor. You usually only see them at the places that lots of OHV's frequent. The noise thing is important like Velo said, but nobody notices unless you cross paths with non-riders.
  19. RhedF350

    Dual Sport Insurance?

    Try Markel or I think it's called Bikeline also. Mine was 50. per year for liability.
  20. RhedF350

    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    Black and Blue, you are right on target. They (Prunies, Scissorbills, Etc) move away from the problem areas, and then decide that they want their new home to be just like where they came from. Public lands are just that; for all forms of users.
  21. RhedF350

    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    So thanks for tuning me up on the throttle stop issue. I rode two days ago and had the PRC vs dirtbiker encounter also. This was some people in a CA plated car trying to pet the feral horses. I got the dirty look and saw them rushing back to their car to roll up the windows.
  22. RhedF350

    Newbie with a trottle stop "Q"

    You can remove it, but it's better to replace it with a YZ screw or cut down the one that came stock. Take a look behind the smog valve body, and the screw is located on the bottom left of the throttle cable pivot on the carb. The screw head faces the ground and is black. You may have to take off the dust cover from the side of the carb to see it.
  23. RhedF350

    Speedometer Repair

    I had a Honda electronic speedo on my 97 XR600. It quit one day, so I took it to a genius type computer builder. He took it apart and determined that the thing was fried and there was no way to rebuild it cause it had moisture in it. It went into the box of parts in the garage and was replaced with a Baja designs analog speedo.
  24. RhedF350


    Hall1012, don't bother. The best thing about Nevada is all of the PUBLIC land. Isn't your mentality what made the PRC into what it is today?
  25. RhedF350

    XR650r jetting

    Thanks Burned. I'm on the 2nd tank now, and the thing is screamin'. I'll let you know how the plug looks when I pull it next week.