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  1. There are different cone valve settings, preload, zero preload, 0.1mm float, 0.2mm float 0.3mm float... Biger float, lower the fork, plusher feeling..
  2. Sherco different shock, 46 mm piston, Huski 50 mm piston..
  3. Because of the problem, of replacing the piston.. Too hard feeling, disappearing..
  4. End of year 2018, new design piston..
  5. Problem the piston, at the end of next year new piston design..
  6. https://www.dirtrider.com/2018-superenduro-world-champ-speaks-up?src=SOC&dom=fb&fbclid=IwAR3Litxemno_JxG9WVj-KfYzqIalSW1YlUMAA6g_BAQ6d0LXS1-FYlYrUiM
  7. Replace the cables thicker.. Problem solved.. ...
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