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  1. RJ5

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Sounds like you clipped your footpeg on the pavement. Blew out your traction. Hope you had some leg protection on. Best.
  2. RJ5

    "The Recovery Room"

    Ha! Good man, but it looks like the terrain drops away, possibly into a river. (check out as his buddy circles back. Looks to me like the ground falls off after a few feet of weeds.) You might have ended up in a worse position. Watching again it really doesn't look like the truck tries to stop at all until impact. (check out the front wheels... they're rolling till impact) Sun was in the drivers eyes so I wonder if he even ever saw the biker.
  3. RJ5

    "The Recovery Room"

    That sucks. I'm guessing the motorcyclist is at fault as he was in the wrong "lane"?
  4. RJ5

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Thanks guys. It's cool to have a group like this to share with. I too dig yours and everyone else's pics, mods, rides and stories. Fun to see all the different directions we all take this bike. Too bad we're all so spread out. Be fun to have a 250l gathering. Braaaap!
  5. RJ5

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    6K above LA. A good day.
  6. RJ5

    305 KIT OR Buy a Dirtbike?

    I will. Hey guys! My 305 is running fine!
  7. RJ5

    Shed Some Pounds..

    Well, again, I didn't actually place them on a scale but doing the ol' human scale, stock in one hand, warp in the other... the warp felt lighter. Not by a lot, but every bit helps.
  8. RJ5

    Shed Some Pounds..

    Biggest weight offenders are... Stock exhaust for FMF or Yoshi Stock wheels for Warp 9's or DID's Battery swap to litho Stock triple clamp for Zeta's ( I should have scaled them before installing but the difference in weight was considerable) Stock tail light monstrosity for DRC integrated.
  9. RJ5

    "THE LIST": CRF250L/M Popular Parts List

    6'3" here. Yes, bar risers / high bend bar. Taller seat and also add Fastway foot pegs ( they allow option to install a bit lower than stock position ). Every bit helps.
  10. RJ5

    Motorcycle gear, what do you wear?

    Shoei GT Air helmet - AStars T-GP Pro jacket (with bionic chest and back upgrades) - AStars Hellcat kevlar jeans - Dainese Technical sneakers and AStars GP Pro gloves.
  11. RJ5

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Weekend ride up Mulholland and the PCH.
  12. RJ5

    K.Ray's CB500X Boom Boom Room

    Interesting. I was aware of the low redline and gearing (Honda's corrected this with the 750x, but again... Not sold in the US). I'll take them for a spin. What's your top speed on the highway? Thanks for the heads up.
  13. RJ5

    K.Ray's CB500X Boom Boom Room

    Great bike KRay! The CB500x's are excellent bikes. I've been considering buying one myself for the past few months but have decided to go with the NC700x. I was having trouble justifying going from a 305 to a 500. The 700 is just a better fit for my needs which is more long distant rides. Now if Honda would just release their 1200 Crosstourer here in the states then I'd really be set. Be safe.
  14. RJ5

    What air box mods should I do and why?

    Snorkel - grab and pull upward working it free. Backfire screen - remove. Shave / cut plastic 4 retaining tabs holding screen to filter. ( dremel is tool of choice ). Whole job will take 5 minutes.
  15. RJ5

    Ride Reports (CRF250L/M)

    Wow! Well done UtahPaul.