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  1. wickedsprint

    Anything bad come of running avgas?

    Is it worth the extra hassle of gummed up valves and plugs? There must be a reason that the fuel is free, are they giving you free access to the pumps, or are they giving you the fuel people dump in the catch cans after checking the aircraft fuel sumps for water?
  2. wickedsprint

    Anything bad come of running avgas?

    If you're talking 100LL, it still has a lot of lead, you'd be better off buying race gas for cars/bikes.
  3. wickedsprint

    CRF230M or KLX250SF for small, lightweight rider?

    The WR has EFI and Yamahas famous EXUP valve, it's basically 1/4 of an R1 engine and is a very spirited engine if you keep the revs up. A DRZ400 is pretty anemic stock and otherwise a somewhat dated engine...going on what..almost 10 years old and unchanged? Based on how the DRZ400E I rode and my buddies uncorked 400SM run, I'd have no worries about running one from a stop in a drag. That 5 speed really hurts the DRZ's slight power advantage. And coming from my other ride, a ZX-10R , I have no illusions about my WR being "powerful", but again, it's all relative
  4. wickedsprint

    CRF230M or KLX250SF for small, lightweight rider?

    The WR250X not only comes close to your DRZ400SM, it surpasses it in many areas, like highway cruising ability due to 6th gear and throttle response from EFI...not to mention the power is scarily close. They'd probably be neck and neck in a drag race, my roomate has one that is uncorked, and while it does run strong, is about the same as my bone stock WR250X when you get down to it. Not sure a 450 would be worth the extra money in insurance or tires for me to make the switch, since I already have a real streetbike for more spirited riding.
  5. wickedsprint

    CRF230M or KLX250SF for small, lightweight rider?

    Don't be so narrow minded, the Yamaha WR250X is a much better bike with trouble free EFI and a VERY nicely made aluminum frame..and probably outpowers both of them...plus has the longest valve adjust interval at 26,600 miles. As to the specific ones you mentioned, the CRF230 series are a joke, and the kawasaki has a pretty good history with that engine, however the frame is made of butter, watched a person repairing one that had actually broken the lower case guard frame rail off at the welds from a simple parking lot tipover.
  6. wickedsprint

    DR650 petcock

    The DRZ400E petcock might work as well, put one on my DR200SE and it was a nice boltup..and eliminated the vac line.
  7. wickedsprint


    Actually considering selling it, don't use it much here due to weather.
  8. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro Problems

    Impressive that the owner of Pitster steps up and admits the problems and takes care of their customers, I'm impressed. I also have to say I finally got the chance to see some in person down at a dealer in CO and was impressed with the quality, I might be rethinking this whole chinese thing.
  9. wickedsprint

    BMW F800gs vs Tenere Yamaha???

    No contest for me, if they bring the Tenere to the states, I'll get one. I trust Yamaha much more than BMW and I really dig the looks as well.
  10. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    Well mine IS used like a streetbike, so if you want to put it against my KLX110, I wanna know how fast it is , afterall you did make the claim that you would put it up against it and all.
  11. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    I am curious as to how fast yours goes, not the theoretical top speed
  12. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    That's pretty interesting. So how fast can they go out of the box and how easy is it to add basic lighting?
  13. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    That's interesting that they take stuff for a KLX110, thought the pitster was based off the honda 50 engine, it sure looks that way.
  14. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    I'd be interested to see how fast it can go, you should gps it for giggles, cause if they'll actually hit 60mph it might be worth it for me to consider one.
  15. wickedsprint

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    At 6100' elevation feet my essentially stock 4 speed KLX110 hits between 55-58mph, at sea level around 60mph. How fast will a $1699 pitster go? I also have less than $3K into my KLX.