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  1. jcrawford1

    Suspension on DRZ250

    Sag is all I set on mine. Made a nice difference. I have played a little with the settings but I guess I am not a good enough rider to notice all the little differences. But Like I said just doing the SAG helped alot
  2. jcrawford1

    member new! questions few!

    I rode my DRZ250 on a back road last night for the 1st time. If I were to ride on road with this bike I would have to agree it needs geared up some. But I do not see me being on the road much with it.
  3. jcrawford1

    DRZ 250 engine started to die

    Ok I know there are a few DRZ250 experts here. This weekend I was riding clean up / course marshall at a HareScramble. We had 2 water crossings one of which was over the pegs and about 1/2 way up my boots. Bike ran fine for the a while then started to just die as if it was out of gas. I could hit the starter and it would and after a few trun overs it would fire up but act at if it was not getting fuel. This happend a few times so I made my way back to the pit area. After the Mini started there race I started the bike. It started fine and I started out. I got a few hundred yards into the woods and it just died. The starter just stuttered. I tried kick starting but it acted as if either no fuel or no spark. I had power as head light seamed fine. Pushed it out. Later after the races and after I cleaned the bike I started looking. I disconnected and cleaned the ground wire and terminal at the battery. I hit the starter and the bike fire right up. It seemed fine but I had no place to ride it to see it it was going to die again. I then also cleaned the positive as well. OK my question would this bad/corroaded connection cause the problem I expereniced? Are there any other electric connections or safety switches I need check out? Thanks Jim
  4. jcrawford1


    Dr DRZ.. Do you know what the stock Pilot Jet is?
  5. jcrawford1

    02 DRZ250 Street Legal?

    In Ohio you must have the bike inspected after you make the changes. I was told they them issue you a Home Made title for the bike.
  6. jcrawford1

    Anybody race their drz250

    I weigh 182 no gear. I race for fun. I myself am not fast. But the bike handled fine and had plenty of get up. Do change the Counter Sprocket down a tooth.
  7. jcrawford1

    Help with rear suspension DRZ250

    I set up the sag and now it ride good
  8. jcrawford1

    Anybody race their drz250

    I have reaced mine with no problems. Set up your sepenssion and it's OK. Not the best but worked fine for me
  9. jcrawford1

    DRZ 250 Front Sprocket

    Smaller front will give more bottom grunt. Should be just what you are looking for
  10. jcrawford1

    New sprockets

    That is a big jump going down on the front and up on the back at the same time. I would only change 1 at a time. going down 1 on the fron is like going up 4 teeth on the rear
  11. jcrawford1

    DR-Z 250 Jetting Saga-Part I, II & III

    I like DRZ, Plenty fast to me, Handles well, Compares well to XR250's I've ridden. I like the Electric Starter. It takes my 185# body any place I want to go. I only wish the after market companies would product stuff just for the DRZ
  12. jcrawford1

    Fuel jug/hose question

    Small hose clamp then wrap keep it in place.
  13. jcrawford1


    Remember them well..Montessa was another backwards bike Left Brake Right Shift.
  14. jcrawford1

    DRZ250 Throttle Return Cable

    Well I rode cleanup yesterday at a local Hare Scramble. Bike ran great throttle was not a problem. I might try to find a complete replacement throttle for it.
  15. jcrawford1

    DRZ250 Throttle Return Cable

    I have cleaned and lubed my cables, Cleaned my handlebar and throttle tube but my throttle would start sticking quickly. A closer looked I found a slight kink in the return cable near the throttle tube. I Cut and removed the cable from the sleve leaving only the pull cable. Will this be a problem? I rode the bike and responce was great. Throttle snapped back as before. I did notice that the motor did not shutdown as quick which allowed the bike to roll more freely such as a 2 stroke bike does. I also no longer have the slight bind off idle that I once had. It seamed much easier to ride in tight woods now.