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  1. Layton

    Air filter cleaner questions

    Oxiclean works fine. Available everywhere.
  2. Layton

    New Competition for Orange at the GNCC's

    Actually Denny Bartz is the team manager. Fred Andrews is the shop manager.
  3. Layton

    Best Hydration Packs

    I might be interested. Pm sent.
  4. Layton

    Help 2004 200 exc PDS Shock problems

    Hard to say if a newer one would fit. They had a lot of different lengths of shocks and if the length wasn’t the same it would throw the geometry of the bike off. Most likely rebuilding the shock would only require a seal, wiper and a bushing if you want to keep the price down. Obviously you can put a lot more into it. Do you have the tools to do a shock?
  5. Layton

    98 KTM 300 Clutch Problem

    If it won’t pull the bike check and see if you have free play at the lever. Also check that the plates are installed correctly.
  6. Layton

    Help 2004 200 exc PDS Shock problems

    The older shock uses a quad ring seal and the newer shocks a ssos-18 seal. They don’t interchange. You can buy the individual parts from MX Tech.
  7. Layton

    Patch a Tubliss Slash?

    That wear on the red liner is caused by running the tire flat for a long time.
  8. Layton

    Which piston is better to put in a 98 rm80

    I wouldn’t run the Wiseco. They are a forged piston and clatter like a b***h when cold. I’d also use a 2 ring piston.
  9. Layton

    2014 ktm 250sxf wont start??

    Isn’t that a FI bike? Is the pump coming on?
  10. Layton

    Do I need to replace my hub?

    You also have one or more spokes that are trashed. Maybe spend a little more time maintaining the bike would solve a lot of future problems.
  11. Layton

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    I can’t believe you’re riding with a short sleeve shirt??? That’s going to hurt in brush or if you fall.
  12. 5’ 8” and 30 inch inseam is exactly what I’m at. I ride a 2015 300 KTM and a 2013 500 KTM. Neither is lowered. Just ride the darn thing!!
  13. Layton


    That’s just what I was going to say. https://www.g2ergo.com/store/threaded-bar-end-mounts/
  14. Layton

    Cleaning Old Cylinder? Help?

    Get a cheap soda blaster. You can even make one yourself. Google how to make one.
  15. Layton

    Sachs forks

    I would contact MX Tech. See what they have for that suspension.