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  1. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    Found the problem the ring alignment pin came loose and destroyed the cylinder and piston good thing it has a sleeve I'm getting it bored an having the piston matched to the cylinder this time
  2. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    Ok thanks I guess I'll have to tear it apart again and check everything over any tips or suggestions as why I would have such low compression?
  3. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    Would a bad powervalve seal make it have that low of compression
  4. . Ok thanks for clarifying that for me I heard from someone it did
  5. that's cool man I'm sure you won't wanna get on anything else after you got the hang of it
  6. The 2 ring piston ups the compression doesn't it?
  7. holy shit did you have fun. are you gonna bore it out?
  8. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    It runs like shit though
  9. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    Yeah I know
  10. danritcheycr80

    Yz125 compression

    91 yz125 only has 50psi for compression won't kick start but bump starts does that make any sense at all?it has a brand new wiseco piston and rings and is bored 1st overbore with all new gaskets
  11. danritcheycr80

    Who has the NICEST Honda 2-Stroke? post pics

    where are you at in Ohio i live by a few trails and a few mx tracks
  12. that bike is so badass how long did that take you to build?
  13. danritcheycr80

    Yz 125 has now bottom end power

    Has no bottom end power
  14. danritcheycr80

    Yz 125 has now bottom end power

    It takes a while for it to really kick in I have a boyesen rad valve with stock carb and a pro circuit exhaust the throttle slide looks worn piston rings and power valve are brand new bike is a '91
  15. danritcheycr80

    oil coming out of exhaust no compression after rebuild

    Maybe there's oil in the crank or a jetting problem have you checked the spark plug after riding?