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  1. I would have left it in the truck. 2 times that i sold a bike i did that and also i bring my friend who is a LEO. Can't trust anyone.
  2. Mr. RMZ

    Goggle lense color?

    tinted race craft lens
  3. Mr. RMZ

    Leftover 2014 price good or not?

    Good price
  4. Mr. RMZ

    Efi 250f debate.

    Efi is just better, it always feels the same.... Instant response. I like the new Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki offerings.
  5. Mr. RMZ

    What the hell is with gas cans now?

    I use little 2 gallon can.... Efi four stroke....sips the fuel
  6. Mr. RMZ

    Seven gear sizing

    I have 34 Troy lee which i think is identical and they run big on me from other gear brands i have tried. Not terribly big but i might try a 32 size when i get seven gear. Jersey i would stay with large.
  7. Mr. RMZ

    Lets see the RMZ's

    Yep, looks sick.
  8. My skating days definitely help when i find myself over the bars, lol. I hate going over the bars...
  9. Mr. RMZ

    new chain rmz

    I found the protaper chain to be very good. It's holding up great and the gold stays looking good.
  10. Mr. RMZ

    Lets see the RMZ's

    How did you get your forks to look like that ?
  11. Mr. RMZ

    Santa came early

    Not my sg12's, they took like 6 ride days.
  12. Mr. RMZ

    Yoshi pipe?

    Yoshimura is better quality. Both are nice though.
  13. Mr. RMZ

    Works 125 and 250 hp

    The stock 2016 ktm sx250f puts down 44 hp.... Very impressive engine in that bike.
  14. Mr. RMZ

    New Boots

    I use SG-12's and the best thing i noticed about them is how good they grip the bike..... I can go another 2 laps on the track with these over my last boots.
  15. Mr. RMZ

    RM125 -> RMZ250 difference?

    More power.