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  1. Have anyone changed the rear differential in a 07 can am 800 outlander XT?? What are the steps to do it ?
  2. jlockett1313

    Wiseco clutch kits ?

    I have a 125sx and just wondering of the wiseco clutch kits any good ? Thanks
  3. jlockett1313

    My 05 ktm 125sx clutch not working

  4. jlockett1313

    New top end rebuild compression lost

    A dirty crab can't give you low compression... a dirty carb can make your bike hard to start or run bad
  5. jlockett1313

    Wiseco Pistons vs the rest

  6. jlockett1313

    My 05 ktm 125sx clutch not working

    I have a hydraulic clutch... and I haven't rode the bike in a year I pull the clutch in and nothing happens..I've had this problem before with a didn't ride the bike but I forgot how to fix it
  7. jlockett1313

    How hard is it to rebuild a bike motor 125sx

    Yes I will put in a new crank don't I need a flame torch?? does the crank fall in place
  8. Is it hard to rebuild a 125 sx and what special tools will I need to do it
  9. jlockett1313

    Ktm 125 sx gear oil

    Should be the same for ktm
  10. jlockett1313

    Ktm 125 sx gear oil

    Like 75w90????
  11. jlockett1313

    Ktm 125 sx gear oil

    Can I use gear oil like 75w 110w
  12. jlockett1313

    03 cr125 or 08 125sx

    correction every ktm after 04 is a great bike I have a 05
  13. jlockett1313

    Gpi racing radiator hoses

    Has any one used gpi hoses I just got some
  14. jlockett1313

    Ktm radiator hoses

    gpi racing
  15. jlockett1313

    Ktm radiator hoses

    I paid $25 for my orange ones