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  1. newcastle_brown

    Some of my Go Pro HD footage

    Funny how much smoother the trail looks, if not for your fender bounching around. Video also flattens out the hills after the tree line. Nice! Was just up there.....is there still a bat in the cabin?
  2. newcastle_brown

    HUSKY>>>>MX and Desert

    Dude Yourself...... 1)The Edit is a JOKE!!!! (just like the text I sent Chaz right after I did it so he'd know to look) 2) Chaz Rooools Oldsmobile Hill @ Glamis! On his Husky! Look Close, horsepower & a paddle No matter how many links or how much History is posted, fact remains, there isn't much help here on TT if your a racer that rides a Husky. Wish it was different but it not. Chaz, myself & some of the others here have raced the crap out of our Huskies but, not to many guys @ the track have a bag of tricks to help you out with things cuz hardly anyone else rides a Husky. Chaz: Rec Rider; Husky Tim: Some Fat Guy: Results???
  3. newcastle_brown

    HUSKY>>>>MX and Desert

    There, FIXILATED! ChazLom, King of "Oldsmobile Hill! Love BBR
  4. newcastle_brown

    Options for Husky graphics

    Just came off back order today
  5. newcastle_brown

    EM_rider (Rob)

    There is a EMRider that post on the Sportsmobile Forum also. Could be the same guy, says he's from Pasadena. Edit: Looks like a while since he was over there too. Edit again: He was on ADV 1/7. PM'd him your lookin.
  6. newcastle_brown

    2010 te 450

    That's the way to stimulate the economy
  7. newcastle_brown

    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    #1 in the Ca. desert right now:thumbsup: http://www.nickburson.com/Nick_Burson_Racing/Welcome.html
  8. newcastle_brown

    zip-ty wr300

    I'd like one also. Got passed by the ZT300 (more than once) @ the 24Hr of GH........that thing is not slow
  9. newcastle_brown

    Huskys at the Seattle show

    Moto Forza, San Diego. I bought some of their defective t-shirts
  10. newcastle_brown

    Husky gear

    Tried to PM????Blocked??? I might be interested. What are you asking?
  11. newcastle_brown

    Husky salvage yard, used higher $ parts

    There is a complete wheel w/tire & disc in the classifieds for $250.00 right now. Looks like a good start
  12. newcastle_brown

    STTARS Supermoto round 9 from my helmet cam

    Nice job fighting back, I notice you keep your race face on - on the hiway. I think you block passed my on the 15 on my way home............bike looks awesome w/those mag wheels (If that was you in the white Dodge)
  13. newcastle_brown

    GODSPEED RUBEN HELMIN (1928-2009) Husqvarna Guru.

    Godspeed fine Sir !
  14. newcastle_brown

    How Much for this Bike???

    Based on your description that sounds fair.