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  1. Nope, all good here and haven't heard of this being an issue in my Beta circle. Thanks for the info though.
  2. 2 betas, 1 going on 3 years, no Beta dealer within 3 hours, haven't needed one yet for service but good to have a good relationship with one regardless.
  3. jmgatx

    2 Stroke Handle Bar Clean Up

    Racing loom from byob. Start/kill, light on/off.
  4. jmgatx

    300rr radiator question

    Because I'm completely unaware and being completely sincere, how do the orings affect the pressure build up?
  5. jmgatx

    300rr radiator question

    Does a radiator normally hold a slight bit of pressure inside even after completely cooled? Ive never noticed it on my 250. The 300 has never overheated except the one time i noticed my cap half off which i don't know if it was from pressure after getting hot or my stupidity. Initially my vent hose was stuck bw skidplate and frame. It no longer is but when i pop my cap hours after riding there is still slight pressure build up. Maybe the issue is my cap?
  6. jmgatx

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    I personally think the 300 snaps less than the 250. 300 pv is set flush, 250 with rk tek head turned in 1 full turn. Neither are violent.
  7. jmgatx

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Sounds like you are on the right track with what you are looking for. My wife had a 230f for years and that bike was fun to ride and a tank. It could go anywhere just not very quickly. Any of these bikes will be a huge improvement in comparison but from what you've described I'd say stick with the 250 or 300. Again, i absolutely want a 200, but i ride enough difficult terrain that i wouldn't want to not have the extra grunt. 250 or 300, you won't go wrong. Only reason I'd trade 250 for 200 is because 250 and 300 are so similar in performance. Really just preference in my opinion. 250 does scream in wide open a bit better than the 300 but you got 6 gears. You're a man if you're screaming either of those bikes on the trail in 6th. And as far as handling goes they also feel similar. Edge may just slightly go to the 250, but minimal. Im also 5'10, 160 lbs, decent B lazy A rider who prefers having fun over fighting for a piece of plastic (my lazy part).
  8. jmgatx

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    All 3 very rideable. Personally the difference in grunt between my 250 and 300 isn't that apparent unless you are in a gear too high and then the 300 will make up for my poor skill. The 300 feels easier and more mellow than the 250. I love the snap and free rev of the 250 in tight woods, and it screams. Its just a bit more fun to ride and wants to be ridden aggressively. Love that bike. The 300 eats up technical terrain and still rips but i find myself being more lazy with it. Its not an animal. Even with pv flush it doesn't force you to manhandle the way my old ktm 300 did. That's not to say its not competitive, just better mannered which to me makes it faster. Although I love my 250, if forced to make a choice, I'd probably pick the 300 just because it does handle all terrain well. But fortunately no one is making me make that choice. Until I rode the 200. That bike is the perfect woods bike. Super easy to throw around, plenty of grunt coming out of corners and would handle most technical situations I'd assume (not enough experience on it) but wouldn't be my only bike. But the 300/200 combo sounds about perfect. Depending on riding style and terrain all 3 bikes would be good options.
  9. jmgatx

    First ride on the 2019 Beta 200RR

    Yup, seriously one of the most versatile bikes I've ridden. I'm jealous!
  10. jmgatx

    2019 beta 300rr pros and cons?

    All pro, no cons. Order it with the racing loom and consider having the suspension set up to your preference. Nothing wrong with stock but ive personally never ridden any stock perfect set up. Seat cover sucks and stock Michelin tires, but that's nit picking. Jury is still out on anodizing quality. Engine, handling, and overall package is excellent. Not a beast unless you want it to be.
  11. jmgatx

    Beta QC

    300 hard hrs on a 16 beta 250 race ed and 0 issues except the fork anodizing which was fixed. Bike still runs perfectly. 19 beta 300 race is too new to know but 20hrs and so far no issues. I'll take the forks apart soon to reevaluate. My 17 ktm 250xc definitely had more issues when i bought it. Neither bikes had issues that were catastrophic.
  12. jmgatx

    Sachs Chronicles chapter 84

    Don't know if you're doing anything wrong. Steve recommended I go with 18 in/lb top, 10 in/lb bottom, (beta recommends 17 and 12) and occasionally rotate them in triples in case there's any awkward pressure on any one spot by out of round triple. I think it's just shit luck of the draw if we get a crap lot or good one. Enjoy those new anodized forks and forget you had a problem. Steve also revalved my forks to damn near perfect. Sweet bikes by the way!
  13. jmgatx

    2019 300RR vs 300RR Race Edition

    I really like the Beta pegs when new, but I felt they just rounded out too quick and lost grip, especially in slop conditions. The AS3 pegs are super sharp and destroy my soles, but if i weren't so lazy i could file them down and they can be replaced. My point was I don't feel the RE pegs are worth the extra costs or consideration for those reasons. So yea there's a happy place, but unfortunately I'm too lazy and impatient to find it.
  14. jmgatx

    2019 300RR vs 300RR Race Edition

    Pegs are obviously replaceable on the Beta but the cleats on the RE beta pegs are not.
  15. jmgatx

    2019 300RR vs 300RR Race Edition

    Fortunately/unfortunately the RE pegs aren't sharp to begin with but when I replaced them wih AS3 pegs i destroyed my gaernes. Wore them down to the steel shank in about a year. It's a shame those beta pegs aren't replaceable because they do provide a great contact point when new. They round out quick. Happy to sell them if anyone wants them!