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  1. klxd

    New 07 KLX300R...advice?

    The change to the idler was '03. There have been guys here with post '03 failures. I would learn and use the proper starting technique and inspect the idler from time to time.
  2. That was better than retapping. Running a tap through from the damaged side would likely have been crossed too and ruined the hole.
  3. klxd

    Idle jet won't come out

    Blow it out with air?
  4. klxd

    Chain guide wearing out fast

    Maybe undersize sprockets, especially the front? Not enough rear sag?
  5. You can use a '94-'96 KLX 250 air boot. I thought all the intake manifolds were the same and a little on the tight side but usable. Maybe they changed in later years. If so you could use an earlier one. You could also check Sudco. Various manifolds.
  6. I put a 33 on my '94. To use both the open and close cables I had to make a new bracket for them, an adapter to angle the carb down and I had to dent the frame cross bar. Oh, and make new cables with elbows. You will find the intake manifold is a little too small, another reason I made the adapter, and the air boot is small (I think). The '94-'96 air boot fits. To use the standard bracket you have to cut off the mount for the closing cable or it hits the frame cross bar. I believe the stock opening cable will fit. But maybe you have something different. Mine is off a DR350. (I think)
  7. klxd

    KLX 300 header/exhaust

    You twice mentioned the "jet". You do mean the 49 state needle, don't you? This is not to say it doesn't need rejetting, of course. And don't forget to remove the plug over the mixture screw it it's there. A better ideas, as others have said, is to get the Dynojet kit. It includes their own needle and an assortment of jets.
  8. You didn't ask how much before you had them order the parts? That's just asking for it.
  9. They probably used gas to clean in and maybe didn't reoil it. Buy yourself the "49 state" needle and get rid of the Kalifornia needle. You might have to get one from an earlier year. I don't know when Kaw started shipping all US 300's with it. Do some searching here for the P/N or peruse TT's OEM store. Work back from 2005 till you find both needles listed. Then remove the cover plate (if it's there) over the idle mixture screw on the bottom of the carb just before the intake manifold. Now you can adjust it. Or buy a Dynojet kit. It includes a proprietary needle, some jets and instructions for drilling the vacuum port in the slid to improve response.
  10. klxd

    Tubeless Tire safe with a tube?

    Lotsa guys run that combination, myself included. You will find it is difficult to seat the beads.
  11. klxd

    Another KLX300 Valve Question

    If the valves are cupped, which is the typical failure mode as opposed to seat wear, yes.
  12. klxd

    auto compression relese question

    You shouldn't really hear the pressure bleed off. The ACR holds one exhaust valve open. It's not like pressure builds up and then is relieved. You might have some other problem.
  13. Wow. I guess I would start by checking the float to make sure it's shutting off and that the overflow line from the carb is not plugged. Does it run ok with the "choke" off? Hard to believe fuel can go that far back against the air flow and the bike still runs.
  14. klxd

    Water Pump KLX300

    49063 Is the pump seal. It includes all three parts. 92049A Is the oil seal. 92045 is the bearing. The shaft is also the oil pump shaft if you want to replace it. There's also a small o-ring that seals the shaft to the impeller that would be shown on the water pump screen. When you have the right engine case off, which I think you have to remove to change the oil seal, check the idler gear for wobble. Don't forget gaskets unless yours come off in one piece.
  15. klxd

    Changing Inner Tube??

    Put enough air in it so it holds its shape.