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  1. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    I knew you were joking I'm not worried about towing with that car, just didn't know if an extra hundo on one side or other was going to be an issue. Consensus says no.
  2. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    I almost went with the Ram 3500 cummins diesel dually but after hitting the VW forums I was told it was just as good a tow vehicle.
  3. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    oh wait, tow vehicle? 17 vw golf alltrack, has a 1500 pound limit, 200-pound tongue weight. trailer and bikes are around 850 pounds.
  4. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    What's your TV? It's a Samsung... no idea what you mean
  5. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    So the question from a bike trailering noob would be how would I know which method is better? Driving feel on the road I guess? I used to tow a road racing car hundreds of miles per month, but that car hauler was balanced with the car on it so long as I didn't pull too far forward on the trailer and make the back end squat.
  6. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    I originally assumed the best was to just put them on the outside rails, I didn't figure that an extra hundred pounds on one side would be that big of a deal, but I'm no trailer expert...
  7. I went back and forth on this same topic and was eying that carry on at Lowes as well. I was concerned about tie down points and quality. I ended up holding out until I found a 3-rail on craigslist locally. Picked it up for $700, it's a silver fox brand super heavy duty and light enough to easily move by hand. No sales tax and cost me $60 to register and plate in Colorado. It has mesh between rails so I could use it as a utility trailer if needed and lots of tie-down points. Glad I went with it so far. I did find some 12" radial trailer tires on eTrailer that are good for up to 81mph so I can tow on the highway without getting run over (ft. Carson drivers will not lift). I did have the ramp hop off the holder while on I25 at 70mph bringing it home. I will haul that inside the car from now on. I happened to see it slide into the grass on the side of the highway, went back and got it and you couldn't even tell it hit the pavement at highway speed save one scratch. I was very impressed, the entire trailer is built with the same strength. I'm using a 17 VW golf alltrack as a tow vehicle and it hauls it around no issues. Tow rating for that car is 1,500 pounds, pulling with an outback should just as easy, they are rated for 2500 pounds (at least the newer ones because we were cross shopping it and the VW).
  8. Shanemcg

    DRZ400 Loading on trailer with a smaller bike

    This is the first bike trailer I have owned so I don't really have anything to compare it to suspension wise. It has leaf springs like most trailers. I guess in the realm of things an extra hundred pounds or so on one side compared to the other isn't that big of a deal.
  9. Question for you guys that trailer your DRZ to the trails. I picked up a 3-rail trailer recently for my daughter and I to tote our bikes on. I have an 01 DRZ400 kicker, she has an 03 xr100R. Question is on a 3-rail trailer is it better to load the big heavy DRZ on center rail and the XR on one of the side rails or just load both bikes on the outside rails? I'm not sure which would be a better balance since the DRZ is much heavier than the XR.
  10. Shanemcg

    leaning DRZ400 kicker vs. S help me decide

    I have an 01 kicker as well, I plan to use the Tusk kit to convert the bike for roads in Colorado. The DRZ400 kicker version of the kit comes with its own rechargeable battery to power the lights and appears to be all LED, I've read some have had issues with the quality of the kit but at $211 it's hard to beat. I figured for longer rides all I need is a second battery, which is $30. The headlight should be powerable from the bike's electrical system I'd assume. Was eyeing an X2 dual sport light for the bike myself. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1156/26723/Tusk-Motorcycle-Enduro-Lighting-Kit-with-Handguard-Turn-Signals?v=2001-SUZUKI-DR-Z-400
  11. Any of you guys ever use the Klim Arsenal? I know it's not a full-on chest protector, but it has a place for my Glock. I'll be riding with my daughter and Colorado has an axe-wielding trail psycho issue recently. It's got a hydro pouch in it too. http://www.klim.com/Arsenal-Vest-4054-000
  12. does anyone know if these fit with a 4 gallon IMS tank wit the integrated rad scoups?
  13. Shanemcg


    I emailed the city with the same question and they said no ORV riding in that area. they are looking for someone to take over the mx track though.
  14. I was on here whining about the fact that none of the case protectors fit a 01 DRZ400 Kicker and Erik M pointed me to some pics he dug up from somewhere of another kicker owner who had modified some to fit. Since that was old and I searched the forum and didn't find that post originally (no really), I thought I'd post my own update for any kicker owners that find themselves needing case protection. First off, I didn't order this set from the TT store because I didn't want to butcher up a $45 (shipped) set of case guards while trying to figure out if this would work (and Erik refused to drive to Colorado and put them on for me). I picked these red ones up on Amazon via Prime for $19 shipped. If you are going to do this for your kicker, don't order anodized ones, the cutting process will mar the finish and they look like crap. Also note, I've ordered my TT set already and am waiting for them to get here so I can't compare build quality directly. These Amazon ones aren't very good. They bend easily and they were tweaked out of the box and don't sit flush. The larger case guard for the brake side of the bike is cupped out so the center portion doesn't even touch the case and then the curved lips don't sit all the way on the edges of the case either. It might have stayed on with RTV just around the edges, but it might not have. I used a Dremel 3000 on high speed and the reinforced cutting wheel to zip through the metal. Wear your safety glasses, being the safety third type of guy I almost forgot to put them on and then as soon as I started cutting shards were bouncing off my face and the glasses. The metal cut very easily and yes the cuts are crooked because I'm not the picky sort (don't judge me). After cutting I put it back on the bike and bent the ears I cut it using some pliers until the tabs were where I wanted them to be. I did have to cut the corners around the sideways rectangular pokey outty thing directly above the shifter about 130-ish. They hit the case after being bent and needed to be hacked off. Dremel did that no issues as well. After all the cutting I ground the rough edges down using a grinding attachment for the Dremel and job was done. And a pic of my daughter, her XR100R, and her dog Jet. She's trying to teach him how to ride.