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  1. does anyone know if these fit with a 4 gallon IMS tank wit the integrated rad scoups?
  2. I emailed the city with the same question and they said no ORV riding in that area. they are looking for someone to take over the mx track though.
  3. I was on here whining about the fact that none of the case protectors fit a 01 DRZ400 Kicker and Erik M pointed me to some pics he dug up from somewhere of another kicker owner who had modified some to fit. Since that was old and I searched the forum and didn't find that post originally (no really), I thought I'd post my own update for any kicker owners that find themselves needing case protection. First off, I didn't order this set from the TT store because I didn't want to butcher up a $45 (shipped) set of case guards while trying to figure out if this would work (and Erik refused to drive to Colorado and put them on for me). I picked these red ones up on Amazon via Prime for $19 shipped. If you are going to do this for your kicker, don't order anodized ones, the cutting process will mar the finish and they look like crap. Also note, I've ordered my TT set already and am waiting for them to get here so I can't compare build quality directly. These Amazon ones aren't very good. They bend easily and they were tweaked out of the box and don't sit flush. The larger case guard for the brake side of the bike is cupped out so the center portion doesn't even touch the case and then the curved lips don't sit all the way on the edges of the case either. It might have stayed on with RTV just around the edges, but it might not have. I used a Dremel 3000 on high speed and the reinforced cutting wheel to zip through the metal. Wear your safety glasses, being the safety third type of guy I almost forgot to put them on and then as soon as I started cutting shards were bouncing off my face and the glasses. The metal cut very easily and yes the cuts are crooked because I'm not the picky sort (don't judge me). After cutting I put it back on the bike and bent the ears I cut it using some pliers until the tabs were where I wanted them to be. I did have to cut the corners around the sideways rectangular pokey outty thing directly above the shifter about 130-ish. They hit the case after being bent and needed to be hacked off. Dremel did that no issues as well. After all the cutting I ground the rough edges down using a grinding attachment for the Dremel and job was done. And a pic of my daughter, her XR100R, and her dog Jet. She's trying to teach him how to ride.
  4. Cool, Thanks for the tips all!
  5. I emailed the city to ask and they responded: No OHV riding is authorized at the Honor Farm. We currently have a Request for Proposals out to the public looking for an operator of the old motocross area. Hopefully we will get a successful proposal submitted and we can get a someone operating the motocross area. Steven Meier, Director Parks & Recreation - (719) 553-2790; and / or Planning & Community Development - (719 ) 553-2259 I guess if anyone wants to operate the motocross area, there is an opportunity there.
  6. Cool, I took my kids on a hike a while back to Devils head lookout up in the Monument/Palmer Lake area and we passed some riding trails on the way to the trailhead for the hike (which was the best hike we have taken for anyone into that sort of thing). That was up in Pike National Forest, anyone know what system that was part of? Is that the Divide trail system? Trails parallelled the road for a while and there were people camped everywhere with ATVs and dirt bikes around.
  7. oh cool, I work in Pueblo and drive past that every day, had no idea it was there.
  8. yeah all that stuff is years old, wish they offered updated news
  9. IDK, sounds like it is illegal (from here: "According to the Conservation Easement, motorized vehicles, motorbikes, and any all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited uses of the property. Motorized vehicles are allowed within the Pueblo Motorsports Park area leased to FAASST Motorsports. The city is required to prevent any activity on the property that is inconsistent with the intent of the Conservation Easement. Some of the approved activities on the park and open space area include recreational hiking and non-motorized bicycling and organized events at the dirt oval track." I can't find any info other than something from 2015 that says FAASST isn't operating the park anymore.
  10. Cool man, thanks for the tips. Definitely not into any riding where we aren't allowed to be there. I'd love to ride there in Pueblo if anyone knows if it is officially open. Do you know if its officially open or if its just one of those ride and hide sort of places?
  11. oh cool, someone told me it was $20 a day. I've driven past that place several times, where does everyone park? At the main entrance for the track?
  12. I don't see that with a google search, RAM comes up is that the same thing?
  13. I'm in the Springs area (been here a year and a half now and just got bikes so never ridden in the area) and recently picked up an XR100R for my 13-year-old daughter and a DRZ400 for myself. She is brand new to riding and I am looking for recommendations on places to take her with that in mind. I don't want to scare her with any trails that are too tight or difficult while she is getting used to the bike, nothing with significant drops off each side of the trail either. She fears "falling off a mountain" and wont ride mountain bikes on trials that have too steep a drop off on the sides if they are narrow. She's not that good with the clutch yet, if she spends the day kicking a stalled bike it won't be fun for her. I've seen some pics of a place down in Pueblo that appears to be wide open, but still fun. Any other recommendations to ease a brand new kid rider into the sport in the area? Would drive up to an hour away from Springs, possibly further out. Thanks all!
  14. Nice, I picked this one up for $1,500 which for the area is a steal. Lots of guys wanting that much for bikes that don't run or need work. I'm pretty sure someone could make a fortune bringing cheap bikes from Texas to sell in Colorado. It probably needs tires and the evap canister has tape over a crack. Did get the original MSO, bike was sold originally in March 2001. I'm thinking maybe convert it to dual sport, assuming the kicker stator has enough juice to run the extra lighting.
  15. Sure