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  1. crazy42wheeledtoys

    New Wiseco crank is different? 07 KX85, Help!

    Same flywheel between '05 and '06. Just different keyway location on the crankshaft
  2. crazy42wheeledtoys

    New Wiseco crank is different? 07 KX85, Help!

    Let TDC know that they can cut a groove into the flywheel 90 degrees counterclockwise to the existing keyway groove. This essentially "rotates" the flywheel 90 degrees, allowing the flywheel and pickup assembly to line up and fire the spark at top dead center. This will save money from having to buy 05 ignition components
  3. crazy42wheeledtoys

    New Wiseco crank is different? 07 KX85, Help!

    I made it work but it was a pain in the a$$. I went to the local hardware store and got a snap ring for the primary gear-No problem. I verified that the flywheel was the same PN# between 05 and 06 model years (It was) but the bike would not start. Pulled the flywheel back off and I failed to realize that the keyway is "rotated" to the right (clockways) 90 degrees on the Wiseco crank, causing the timing to be off by 90degrees! I ended up placing the flywheel on the crank without the keyway and positioning it to where the pickup sensor matched the raised portion on the flywheel and torqued the flywheel down without the key. Engine started right up and ran beautiful. I marked where the keyway should be on the flywheel and pulled it back off and with some very careful filing, I actually cut a very nice groove into the flywheel that allowed the flywheel to lock into place once torqued back down. So, that's the lowdown on installing an 05 crank into an 06+engine....
  4. crazy42wheeledtoys

    New Wiseco crank is different? 07 KX85, Help!

    Not true. I am putting a Wiseco WPC119 Crank Kit made for an 05 into an 06 machine. The small end bearing is the same part number between the snap ring equipped 05's and left hand thread equipped 06's and the flywheel is also the same. All you need is the snap ring from the 05 machine and it's fine. Unfortunately, I didn't find this all out until I went to install the crank into the cases. But I pursued it and have the piston and cylinder all mounted. Just need to get the damned snap ring but no one in town has one. Going to try to source from a hardware store
  5. crazy42wheeledtoys

    How many bike have you owned?

    Posted this 5 years ago-Wow, how time flies...since then, I have acquired/sold/owned the following bikes Gone from previous list '07 KTM 250XCFW '04 Suzuki JR50 '00 Ducati 748 '73 Suzuki GT185 '01 KTM 50 Mini Adventurer-Son outgrew it Since original post '80 Suzuki GT550 '01-Buell Lightning XB9S-Sold '02 Yamaha R1-Sold '01 Ducati 996-Sold '06 Yamaha YZ250F-Sold-Bought with blown engine and rebuilt as a big bore/stroker YZ285F '09 Ducati 1198S-Current....never plan to sell this bad ass bike! '99 Honda CR500-Current-Great condition-Don't plan to sell this bad boy, either '06 Suzuki RMZ450-Current-Previously owned by a local National Pro and in the process of rebuilding to its former glory '09 KTM 400XCW-Current-Converted to Dual Sport use '02 Kawasaki KLX110-Son's bike
  6. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Enduro Vibration above 40mph

    I have converted two KTM's to Enduro use and like others have mentioned, it is the rim locks that are throwing off the rim balance and it is A LOT. The only way to offset this much weight offset is to go to an auto parts store and get those stick on lead weights that come in strips and put the wheel on a set of jackstands and balance them the old fashioned way by spinning the wheel and adding weights 180 degree from the rim lock and keep adding them until the rim lock is no longer ends up at the bottom of the wheel rotation. You can then take a Sharpie and color the rim locks so that they do not look so bad on the wheel.
  7. crazy42wheeledtoys

    2007 RMZ450 timing out.

    Just bought an '06 RMZ450 for cheap ($900) because the previous owner couldn't get the bike to start......I ended up finding that the intake cam sprocket had slipped on the cam, throwing the cam timing off about 5 teeth. Just ordered a new Hot Cams intake cam, so this will be one of the cheaper used bike rebuilds I have done in a while!
  8. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Engine peak power question

    Exactly. Peak horsepower is a calculation based off of peak torque. That's why hp and torque readings are always the same at 5252 rpm. This applies to ALL engines, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, lawnmower, motorcycles, EVERYTHING! Other affecting factors can be barometer (most power is produced at 29.92 hg's) and temp (most power at 59F). That's why engine dynos can take these variable factors into account and adjust the readings accordingly. You may also see this power loss on a really hot day or at high altitudes. Taking a really "weird" comparison, just imagine yourself having the physical ability to run faster but your lungs do not. Obviously, you are going to start slowing down because you cannot get enough air in. Same applies to all engines! This is 'volumetric efficiency."
  9. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Diesel Rediculous

    It's not Bush's fault. Sure, he is a cr@ppy president but he is far from the problem and it pi$$es me off when people make him the whipping boy for all the world's problems. The problem is US, not him. Sure, the war machine may not be helping for the stability in the oil markets but it is demand driving most of it, not the President. The "experts" said the same thing 100 years ago in that oil would sooon be gone and we are still pumping it. Oil is NOT going to be gone anytime soon, as there is enough oil the tar sands in Alberta, Canada for the next 50 years and they discovered the largest reserve ever found in the Gulf of Mexico last year but it will take another 4-5 years before the infrastructure is established to get the oil to the mainland. (It's several hundred miles offshore) The problem is not the LACK of oil, it's that it is getting harder and harder to get to it. You see those multimillion dollar oil rigs on the Discovery Channel? That's what our $3.50 a gallon fuel is paying for. Plus add to the fact that no one has built a new refinery in over 20 years and there are only 125 oil refineries now, compared to the 250 that we had 20 years ago. Also-Remember when Texaco/Shell and BP/Amoco merged a while back? Oil has gone up ever since then. This consolidation allows these oil companies to control the price since there is reduced competition. Talk about the perfect storm!
  10. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Where the crap is my power?

    Is your buddy running natural gas, too? Or is he running gasoline? There is a major torque reduction when running natural gas compared to gasoline:crazy:
  11. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Tough decision- KX500AF or Nytro RTX

    Ha-I'll be officially divorced next month, so you are my idol! LOL Yeh, I would go with the KX500AF. I mean, we just don't get the snow that we used to in the Midwest, so spending so much on a sled to only use a few times a year wouldn't make as much sense as enjoying that KX throughout the year. A used sled would make much more sense! :smile:
  12. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Clean Up and Keep It Clean!!!

    My wife (ex wife now :smile:) dumped a couch on a back road without telling me until after the fact. I made her go back and get it but it was already gone. Man, did I give her HELL for doing that!!!!!
  13. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Tough decision- KX500AF or Nytro RTX

    Yeh, I was going to do the same but looking at the number if his bikes (and very expensive) I wonder if he DOES have rich parents. Ha just kidding
  14. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    Yeh, my first bike was an early 70's Indian 50. They were not rebadged Hodaka's, though, but the engine on some models were of Hodaka origin. The rights to Indian were owned by American Alan Newman of the Floyd Manual family, where he acquired rights to the Indian name and set up a plant in Taiwan using engines by Hodaka, Morini, or ItalJet, depending on the size and model. My JX50 used a Morini powerplant. Unfortunately, this bike did not hold up well, as the steel fenders rusted off, the stupid Dell Orto carb with the primer always flooded the engine out, and the suspension was not that. In spite of this, I owe my current mechanical abilities to my dad and this bike, as it was a bike that forced you to work on it all the time and do everything you can to keep it running. While he has passed on, my dad showed me a lot on the bike and how to keep it running. Even though it was not fun at 8 years old at the time to be broken down all the time, they are now great memories. Not quite 30 years ago, but 29 years ago is close enough.
  15. crazy42wheeledtoys

    Broken fibula

    Hi Dr Mark I just got back from the doctor and on a side note, he was much more inquisitive this time around. He let me read the cat scan report and indeed it says that there is absolutely no healing tissue and the two bones have not fused at all.