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    2001 CR250


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    Kicking around the idea of selling my CR250. I have other bikes and never get a chance to ride this one. This is a well-maintained bike with tons of aftermarket parts. It's set up primarily for woods/single-track riding, but will still do just fine on an MX track. Engine: -Fresh Pro-X top end(<1 hour) -FMF Gnarly pipe & FMF Shorty silencer(<1 hour on fresh packing) -PWK Air-Striker Carburetor(bought new from JD Jetting last year) -Steahy 10oz. Flywheel Weight -Boyesen Rad Valve with Carbon-fiber reeds -TwinAir air filter Misc: -Excel Pro-Series Wheels(19"/21") -Brand-new Shinko tires(546 Front, 505 Cheater Rear not mounted yet) w/ Heavy-duty tubes -Works Connection Radiator Guards -Skid Plate -FMF Factory 909 Handlebars -Polished Frame -Sunstar 13/51 Steel Sprockets(new in box) I'm sure I'm missing a few odds and ends. Comes with a Bill of Sale only. (708)287-1998 - Dave


    Oak Lawn, Illinois - US

  2. I run a 505 on the back and just switched to a Shinko 546 for the front. I haven't ridden on it yet, but here's a good review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqkx10AMV0M I may try the Shinko MX216 next(their version of the GT fatty).
  3. D.Barrett

    What do u guys mix gas at for longevity?

    I run Motul 710 at 32:1 in the woods(single-track). It's full synthetic and has a low flash-point, which is better if you're lugging it around a lot. If you're racing MX or constantly on the pipe, go with something like the Motul 800, which has a much higher flash point. I've always just mixed at 32:1 and have never had any issues. With proper jetting and the right oil, it'll run very clean.
  4. D.Barrett

    '01 CR250 PWK Jetting

    Thanks. I've been reading about the various needles and may try to order an 00 cr250 needle(A715/289R I believe) to start.
  5. D.Barrett

    jetting '01 CR250 PWK Jetting

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading on the subject but just looking for more insight on my particular setup: I have an 01 CR250 with a 38mm Air Striker from JD Jetting. It currently has the factory(JD) jetting in it: #7 slide, 45 pilot, 175 main, blue needle on #3, air screw 1.5-2 turns out. The bike has a fresh top end(did it when I installed the carb), Boyesen carbon fiber reeds, FMF Gnarly pipe, and a fresh-packed FMF Shorty silencer. The idle/pilot seems to be pretty close, although it may be a bit rich. I've noticed the air screw doesn't seem to have much affect when adjusting it. The other issue I've noticed is a slight bog when I get on it at lower speeds/RPMs. IE: Making a slow, tight turn in first gear and then getting on the throttle coming out of the turn. There's no sputtering/etc, just a bog/hesitation. I'm assuming the needle will play a big part in fixing this, but does this indicate a rich or lean condition? Also, I'm setting this bike up for single-track/enduro/woods riding. Any advice on jetting/needle combos that'll give me the cleaner part-throttle/low RPM response I'm looking for? Edit: My altitude is around 600-700 above sea level(Chicagoland) and the current temps are in the 60s-70s.
  6. D.Barrett

    Thoughts on 12t front sprocket?

    I mentioned increasing responsiveness, not power. My Mikuni has been pretty inconsistent and difficult to jet properly...Leading to it usually being a bit "off" in the low rpm/part-throttle areas.
  7. D.Barrett

    Thoughts on 12t front sprocket?

    Yeah I'm just going the 13/52 route. I'm swapping to a PWK Airstriker and Boyesen reeds too, so that should help with the bottom-end responsiveness as well.
  8. D.Barrett

    Thoughts on 12t front sprocket?

    Thanks, I'll give the 13/52 setup a shot.
  9. I'm currently running a 13/51 sprocket combo on my 2001 CR250, which is a ~3.92 ratio. It's not too bad, but I do tight, single-track woods riding almost exclusively. I want to bump it up to a shorter ratio when I order a new sprocket/chain combo. Should I go to 13/52(4:1) or 12/50(~4.17:1)? I'm not too worried about the 12/50 combo being too short(I think it will be ideal for what I do), I'm more worried about the 12t sprocket being too small in diameter and putting more wear on the chain. Will this be an issue?
  10. D.Barrett

    Putting Honda cr250 PWK carburetor on 2001 cr125

    125s actually like to be jetted richer than a 250. Upper 40s slow jet and ~180 main jet seems to be a good starting point from everything I've seen...Depending on the slide/needle obviously.
  11. D.Barrett

    chicago riders unite.... Were you all located .. Let's ride...

    I'm from the southside. Is there anywhere to get Honda HP2 premix locally, or am I stuck ordering it online?
  12. D.Barrett

    FMF Racing PowerCore 2 Shorty Silencer

    Sounds great, makes great power. Will be swapping it out soon for a Turbinecore 2 w/ spark arrestor, just to be trail legal around here.
  13. D.Barrett

    FMF Racing Gnarly Pipe

    Great low/mid range torque, but signs off pretty early.
  14. D.Barrett

    Honda CR250R 2001

    Great woods bike with a few upgrades. Suspension tuning, gearing, and a good pipe make a world of difference.
  15. D.Barrett

    Honda CR250R (2001)


    Great woods bike with a few upgrades. Suspension tuning, gearing, and a good pipe make a world of difference.