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    For Sale is my 2009 GasGas 280 TXT Pro Trials bike as shown in the pictures. $3000.00 o.b.o. Good condition, just has scuffs from being ridden. Tires are nearly new, brakes & clutch recently replaced. Comes with a manual & stand. Runs great, always stored inside. In person cash transaction only. Bike located in Georgetown, TX.


    Georgetown, Texas - US

  2. That's a lot of miles pretty fast for a bike. Definitely check for proper maintenance! A lot of high mileage people I've met like to think they can stretch services out since they are traveling a lot of highway and blah blah blah bull bull blah. BS in my book. Proper service or you can keep it!
  3. Looks like Hazet, a German brand that is excellent. Picture is hard to read. Matador is a Spanish brand that is very much like Hazet as well and is very good.
  4. ??? Maybe get some other professional opinions.
  5. I've got a FE501 that is almost exactly the same as the 500 EXC-F, and I've gone over 100 mph many times. I balance the rims without tube and tire, and that's it. Get the 500 if your tall/heavy, if not the 350 will surprise you how good it is.
  6. Oooh, you said the "dealer" word! Approach with caution, and double check all work done. YMMV
  7. Could be the starter too. Check it out to make sure your not drawing too many amps for that battery to provide. Often the grounding gets poor due to water and corrosion, and the motor itself along with bearings/bushings wear out and will kill batteries. Take it off and tear it down and check the armature and bearing for corrosion and give it a good cleaning and a little lube on the bearings. Wire brush the mounting points real good. I've bought bikes for super cheap with a starter motor that needed clean up/service because the owner didn't know what was going on...
  8. I've been wearing the AFX FX41 for about 3 years now riding DS, desert enduro type runs, and single track. I switched from my MX style due to my glasses, which I had a hard time with the inserts for my goggles with the MX helmet. The AFX has a full face shield and an internal tinted drop down visor. Between the 2 you can get very well metered air flow along with all the adjustable vents on the outside. A bit noisy, but I wear ear plugs with all helmets so that doesn't matter. The visor has cut out vents that prevent it from getting pulled up or down, but there is a bit of a tug when looking sideways. Just takes a bit of getting used to, then you don't notice it.
  9. That's minor IMO, dead blow hammer until it's back home. "Fixed" dents like that easily a dozen times... As a side question, why is the knobby so shiny? Tire dressing??? Looks like what Napalm Mototorsports did to my bike before I picked it up, wasn't pretty when I test rode it.
  10. Definitely tap the end of the bar 5/8-11, you won't be breaking that fastener. You can make your own with 1/2"x1" 6061 bar stock pretty easy with just a vise and a couple of drills. I've done that on a couple of bikes and that couldn't be beat. Also Zeta guards are very tough too.
  11. Order yourself some Hazet tools and forget about the rest. Super high quality German tools, and still less than the Matco and other tool trucks. Also Facom for some specialty screw drivers and such (JIS cross point driver, etc.).
  12. No, not so many ticks in Texas - mostly arid semi desert to full desert terrain...
  13. Hmmm, not too many cable clutches you can one finger. I rather like the ability to feather it and still have a good grip on the bar.
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