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  1. jjktmrider

    DRZ only runs choked

    If the emulsion tube is worn out you'll fight jetting , even at idle since it'll let fuel by when it's not supposed to . They're not always in rebuild kits . But your issue is likely just some gunk still in one of the passages , doesn't have to be a fuel passage because if and air port is plugged it won't allow air that's needed to siphon fuel up as it goes through . .
  2. jjktmrider

    Here we go!: Slow boat to wide-ratio 462

    You'll like , but if Iceland doesn't have a lot of highways and you'll be doing mostly offroad it may not be the best . Going low enough final gearing with the front and rear sprockets you could end up with a granny low , otherwise 5th can't be used till 55-60mph(90-100kph). I like mine for that overdrive ratio at freeway speeds . .
  3. jjktmrider

    Help! Hit a 12-18" puddle of water at 35mph, won't start

    The motor won't crank over if hydrolocked , he's stated it turns over just doesn't fire , so that's not it . Is the vent line that normally sucks up water down by the swingarm filled with mud/debris by chance ??? .
  4. jjktmrider

    DRZ400 -how to proper fill/load coolant after angine rebuild

    All I've ever had t do was fill with bleed screws out , then tip/shake side to side till coolant quits going down , and the extra goes in the overflow . Stat up shake/lean side to side and recheck level, fill if needed. Only motor that was ever a problem was a Polaris XC600 that I needed to lift the front of sled 4 feet in the air to fully bleed . .
  5. jjktmrider

    Cam cap bolt doesn't want to go all the way down...

    Metric fasteners come in 8.8, 9.8 ,10.9 and 12.9 grades . Hold the cutoff wheel at an angle going up the bolt to make a positive relief and it'll cut fairly good as well . .
  6. jjktmrider

    DRZ only runs choked

    That one feeds the emulsion tube , it should have a very small hole , maybe .01" dia IIRC , you won't feel a whole lot of air coming out it ,too small . .
  7. jjktmrider

    Vortex aluminum airbox

    If there's a desire for these , they can be made !!! Was already looking at a bolt-on adaptor with a bigger dia tube as a kit similar to Ohio's version .
  8. jjktmrider

    DRZ only runs choked

    It doesn't even have to be fully clogged , aka air will come out the other side , however there's still a layer of hard crusted dried fuel that cut the passage hole down . Dried gas with modern additives are a PITA to 100% clear out . It also isn't a bad idea to look over the vacuum lines as you said and the boots for cracking or poor sealing . .
  9. jjktmrider

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    I run a 90w heated jacket and 15w visor along with the normal lighting + heated glove liners when below 0f , it can takes the draw of the handwarmers. Everything is fused and relayed directly from battery so no one circuit ever gets added to. The headlight itself can benefit from a direct relayed wire instead of using the small ga. stock wires and several connectors ,each dropping voltage. I've had bikes that it was like going to an aftermarket bulb and no longer needed an add-on accessory light . .
  10. jjktmrider

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    LOL, heard that one before . .
  11. jjktmrider

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    Yep, and look at where the chain has to be to hit the case like that . A good chain , tensioned right will run exactly where it is currently in the picture , plenty of clearance . That chain was 3/4 off the sprocket to hit , not normal . .
  12. jjktmrider

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    Ya, not much of that post was remotely correct . .
  13. jjktmrider

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    The very first time I rebuilt a top end way way back I had a Suzuki TS250 and when installing the new piston I guessed that the little arrow pointed towards the intake. Got it together and tried to kick it over and crunch. The new piston was scrap. Then I looked at the sheet that came with the 2nd new piston, hmm, "arrow toward EXHAUST!!" I had given the sheet to the place that bored the cylinder so it hadn't been available plus this was before the internet to search or watch "how-to ....." videos , so was more trial and error , and scrap things. I sure never forgot that lesson.
  14. jjktmrider

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    Or running at high rpms for long distance with a lean jetting . .
  15. jjktmrider

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    " bought a replacement head and cylinder" , obviously the head that was bought to replace the original has bent valves so what's needed it to find out for sure why the loss of oil , and have the head rebuilt with new valves, springs and such along with seats cut . The cylinder looks a bit like it's been cooked , doesn't run long with no lubrication . Nice buddy for not saying something as soon as he noticed smoke , I'd not ride with him much . .