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  1. Thundermotive

    74 XL125 top end kits

    Thanks! Would you by chance have the specs for the '73 SL125 ?
  2. Thundermotive

    74 XL125 top end kits

    I'm looking for a cheap Chinese top end kit (piston, rings, cylinder & gaskets) for a 1974 Honda XL125. There seem to be plenty of kits on Ebay but when I use the compatibility tool it always says it won't fit my machine. Is there any difference between a '74 and a '76? How about the last SL? Is there something specific about the '74's and '75's that won't work or is the compatibility tool perhaps errant? Thanks in advance. Brian
  3. The bottom hole that should attach it to the radiator is angled forward about 45°. The old one was flat and just mounted to the radiator with a spacer. Is there a special fastener or do I just have the wrong shroud?
  4. Thundermotive

    2015 SR400

    Interesting. I think I'd just buy the original on Ebay and save a few thousand.
  5. Thundermotive

    Decibel measurement

    Has anyone purchased a meter? What level can you expect from typical race exhaust systems?
  6. Thundermotive

    Ebay CRF70 Cylinder and Cylinder Head kits.

    My son rode it today for about an hour and it ran great. It has a stock exhaust system, stock carb and K&N air filter. It only required a small adjustment of the pilot screw. Sounds deeper and poppier. Compression test went from 60 psi up to about 125. I'm guessing it will get up to the full 135 when the rings seat. All in all a great value for $125.00. Came with the high flow oil pump as well. I don't think I could buy an OEM oversize piston and ring kit and get it bored for that price, not to mention the driving stuff around and waiting for machining. Two things I had to order to complete the job, the clutch removal socket (Ebay $7.99) and the right enging case gasket, both required for the high flow oil pump mod. OK, I rode it too. When he outgrows it I'm buying the heavy spring kit and riding around Road America when I watch the Superbike Double header.
  7. Thundermotive

    Ebay CRF70 Cylinder and Cylinder Head kits.

    I just installed the 88cc big bore kit on my son's 2005 CRF70. I just lapped the stock Honda valves. We'll take it out to the trails tomorrow if the weather cooperates and give you a report.
  8. Thundermotive

    Test riding the kids CRF70

    I'm glad you had fun, but you got passed by a dog. You need a bigger bike.
  9. Why does this remind me of my older brother ****ing up my Z50? It may have been 40 years ago, but I'm still pissed. I hope he smashed his balls good.
  10. Thundermotive

    88cc kit reliability

    It's time to do a top end on my son's 2005 CRF70F. Can anyone give me pros and cons over boring the iron cylinder to replacing it with the 88cc kit? The purveyors of the 88cc kit recomend changing the oil pump to their high flow pump. Is there a problem with these things blowing up?