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  1. dcm802

    Neutral switch, Djebel

    Im looking to order a (37720-13E00) neutral switch.. I wanted to convert my DRZ250 to on-road at some point. The acewell speedo offers a neutral light and I would like to setup the bike to use this feature. Just for fit and finish reasons. The bike has a neutral switch location that just has a cover and o-ring with no actual switch installed.. Was looking at the dr650, drz400 and the dr200se switches from the same year but all the parts look different. Finally figured out the djebel has what im looking for, even found a part number.As far as I can tell the part is not sold in the USA because this bike was never offered in the states. How would I go about getting one of these? Any help would be appreciated! Numbers 32 - 36 are all for the switch. The other picture is the stock drz250 setup. Update: I found one thats real close, might even work. The O- ring has the same measurements atleast. No clue if the two bikes neutral is in the same position on the shift cam though.
  2. dcm802

    Honda Guy Looking To Defect

    Sounded like he was strictly looking at 4 strokes... I could be wrong though..
  3. dcm802

    Honda Guy Looking To Defect

    DRZ125... Read that the crf100 is snappier... But the drz has more mid to high.. I would have to say goto the crf150 till he is ready for a rmz250.
  4. dcm802

    Please help 2001 drz 250

    Sporadic / high idle: I have heard other mention air leak... Check gasket between intake and head. Heating up faster then normal would indicate lean condition caused by your air leak. Pull spark plug and check on its condition. The smoking could be related.. Mine smoked a lil on start up when I had a lil to much oil in it. Heard it could also be valve seals... I am also in mass.. I am located in North Adams.. I have tuned and cleaned my carb to a good operating condition.. I could help ya out if you were close.
  5. dcm802

    DRZ250 Carb Question

    I figured out while dismantling the carb that the fuel screw was also missing the oring an was not put together in the correct order... It was put together with the spring first then washer.. By the image I seen it should be oring, washer, spring.. I ordered all the parts for the accel pump and the missing oring for the fuel screw... Cleaned the carb, put in one size larger main and pilot jet. Turned the screw 2 turns out and fired her up.. Started easy and runs nice... Throttle seems good through out all the gears.. No stalling either.. Thanks for the help! Now to deal with the oil leak...
  6. dcm802

    Big Bore

    for a 2001 drz250... As far as I can tell it uses a sleeve.
  7. dcm802

    Big Bore

    For the Big bore kit... If ya choose the option to send in the top end.. Is this the whole head or can you just send in the jug?
  8. dcm802

    DRZ 250 chain guard help

    Iam007, you get it on?
  9. dcm802

    DRZ250 Carb Question

    What would be the symptoms of a completely inoperable accel. pump on a tm28-1 with the rod just sitting in the bowl? Drive-ability issues? Starting issues? I purchased the bike for a 1000 and discovered the next day it has oil leaking out of the base gasket of the head and it was having major carb. issues. With the accel. rod sitting in the bowl, could it cause a vacuum leak where the rod normally sits? Also the carb.. did have the stock jets in with the mix screw turned out a lil...
  10. dcm802

    DRZ250 Carb Question

    Ahhh... nevermind just found it.. Its the pump nozzle... Part: TM29/24-size .. Anyone know where I can get one of these?
  11. dcm802

    DRZ250 Carb Question

    Just purchased my first dirt bike... It is having issues starting and staying running after warmed up. Took the carb off and figured out that most of the accel pump is missing... The spring and plunger to be more specific.. The rod was just sitting in there doing nothing. I looked at the bowl an noticed that this accel. pump has a passage that leads to a hollowed out rod that sticks up into the intake... Sorry for my description I am very new to bikes. Well I was wonder the exact name of this rod? I am going to purchase all the parts for the accel. pump and would like to replace this part as well...I looked at the exploded view on bike bandit and can not find this part... It is located on filter side a lil further in from the pilot air jets... Again sorry for sounding foolish but I am very new to carbs and bikes!! Pic of this part>>> https://skydrive.liv...BD19C9FF7DD!186