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  1. just wondering if anyone has the math or actual scale results for how much weight is possible to drop from LRP? i'm thinking muffler & battery + rear light assembly is a given, but is there anything else that's worth going after? is it realistic to think you can get <300 lbs?
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    @greenyone yep thanks. if it was local i'd be interested. shipping from east coast to west coast is running close to $700-$800 which makes it not so hot. i have to laugh a bit. there is a "local" person who has a 2014 CRF up for sale, totally stock with like 100 miles. and he wants $5500 for it (in his ad he actually says he paid $7200 OTD..wtf did he do? that's like half the MSRP added on top of the MSRP) some people... anyway still on the prowl. i didn't go after the one in SoCal as it had 7K miles and i see a lot of other bikes across the country with 1K or less. I just need to be patient, one will show up.
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    @eyeophenher sold it because i also had an XT250 at the time, and made some $$ on the CRF sell. then found a buyer for the XT about 2 weeks later :banghead: so breaking news... i have a line on one. its a 2013 with all the mods (except bore kit and EJK). 7k miles. what's the catch? its about 300 miles away. good news is, i have a great friend who lives near the seller and this is turning in to a cannon ball run/weekend trip to see a buddy i haven't seen in too long! this CRF has about 7k miles on it, pictures look good. will be talking to owner soon. if it all lines up i'll make the drive. his CRF has more done to it then mine did, so in a funny way, other than the mileage, i'm actually 'uprading' my CRF only it literally didn't cost me anything (other than gas to drive). other than the first dealer service, is there anything at 7k miles anyone would look for in terms of wear/tear? lastly, a shout out and thank you to USMCVietVet who was kind enough to PM me, just didn't quite work out in terms of a deal I could make. However goes to show the CRF community here is one hell of a group.
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    ok, i know where i'm at (CRF250L) but i'm going to ask for input anyway... there are a few KLX250S in the area that can be had for a good deal. for example http://chico.craigslist.org/mcy/3942228461.html i know right off the bat, FI vs carb (blech) and i personally believe FI is all around a better choice (not trying to debate or tell anyone you are STOOPID if you don't think like me)... so besides the difference between FI/Carb, what are the thoughts on KLX? i know they've been around forever and like a WR250R they have a huge aftermarket support (incluing 300 bore kits, bigger tanks, etc). i've seen some reviews and comparions head up with the CRF and they are very similar priced (even new). so, better off waiting for a CRF? nuts for even thinking of going to a carb bike (by the way, wtf Kawa even the 2014 models still not FI, let's get with the times...).
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    @USMC ...nope, never heard of it so thank you! just tried it and actually showed one that I saw on craigslist, in NV but the guy (consigned at a dealer) is asking $5800 (lol) http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/4016594155.html i'd be willing to drive there for $4k, no f'ing way i'm going to pay $5.8K ... if one thing we should all know is, when you do an upgrade on a bike, that money is GONE. you are not going to get it back on resale...
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    @gnath9 .. the ebay one is the bike I saw as well. I'm out in CA and am weighing risk v reward. from pictures its obvious he swaped the pipe but can't tell to which Q4 or ? and the rear rack isn't the one i'd put on, but that's still about $100. doesn't appear from the pictures to have any other mods. only 1250 miles but the big question is, how do you know it hasn't been downed? or do you *gulp* trust that it is for sale through a dealer and not private party? i know when i was talking to my local honda dealer about used bikes that they actually charged an inspection fee on all trade ins (of course if you bought a bike the fee was waived) to ensure the bike was in good mechincal condition, etc. i don't know maybe i'm talking myself into this ... none of you are near youngstown OH are you? (mildly kidding of course)
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    well a funny story ... so i sold my CRF250 to the first person who came out to look at it, let's say his name is "Sam". Sam was an older gentleman, easily in his 60's. He bought the bike so he could do some trail riding with a friend of his (who was EASILY into his 70's). about 3 weeks after the sale, I get a call from a number out of "North Los Angeles" (I live in the NorCal area). I let the call go to voice mail, when played back it goes something like this: "Hi, my name is <something>; I bought the CRF you sold Sam and had a couple of questions, he gave me your number". So I call the guy back because I'm interested to hear how this happened. Turns out after buying my bike, Sam kept it for 2 weeks, rode it all of 200 miles, then decided he needed a bigger bike for being on the highway... and sold the bike for $600 LESS than what he paid me for it... $600 LESS in just 2 weeks. i was stunned, if i had known he had it for sale i would have bought it back for sure. i've seen two used ones listed, one in ohio that has some nice mods done to it. there are literally no used ones for sale in CA. i'm tempted on the one in ohio (it was on ebay) shipping will cost around $500.
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    sigh...remember me? sigh...

    yea, nothing constructive. made a mistake selling my crf250L and now want one back. sigh. keeping an eye out on CL, ebay & cycletrader.com. would like to find a used one that has some of the mods already done (gee, maybe like the one i sold ). nice to see people still enjoying their CRF. if i do buy one looks like that big bore kit is a must... ok going to go back and keep searching.
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    protective riding/gear question (trail/off road)

    wow sorry to hear that, hope you have a full recovery. i'm with you 100%, image doesn't mean crap to me when i'm going for a ride. i want the most effective gear i can find so i can focus more on the ride and enjoying the adventure. i'll take a look at the alpine stuff, i've seen a few of their products. what had me interested in the leatt is it looks like if you wanted you can have it under a jersey and still have a roost guard or other gear over depending on what type of riding your doing at the time.
  10. Hi - by chance has anyone tested something like this: https://www.outsideoutfitters.com/p-19404-poc-spine-vpd-tee-body-armor.aspx or given a choice between the above and: http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/44/-/440/837/-/28594/Fox-Racing-Titan-Sport-Sleeveless-Jacket-Body-Armor which would you pick? In this case I'm talking about gear for trail/off road riding. I have a "standard" roost protector i wear (typicall hard plastic, with shoulder) but it is bulky and gets a bit annoying on long rides. also i wonder just how effective it is for crash protection since it moves quite a bit. any thoughts here? the POC stuff seems pretty well reviewed and certainly looks to be more likely to "stay" in place in a crash and not move... still experience trumps google/youtube and so i'm hoping maybe some of you out there have some feedback. thanks!
  11. in general, never buy an extended warranty for any product. this is one of the biggest financial mistakes consumers make (also one that companies, especially automative, profit from). you are much better off by saving over a period of time a 'repairs fund' instead of purchasing an extended warranty. that way if you don't need any significant repairs, you have kept your money, and when you do need repairs you already have money set aside just for that reason. this is a general rule of course and your circumstances may be different, for example, you know you are going to ride that thing hard everytime, every mile, you are going to trash...then buy the warranty. but if you are going to be normal, normal maintenance/upkeep, then don't buy it... so you asked and there's my answer
  12. hey what size are you replacing for the rear? especially the D606 which i can't seem to find in the 120/80/18 but do see 120/90/18. if someone either can link to an online store that has the 120/80/18 or confirm that mounting a 120/90/18 is the way to go... thanks!
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    the CRF will certainly handle your weight; honestly i'd be more concerned about you being comfortable sitting on the bike than if the bike could move you (it can and will). the KLR is a different beast entirely and you are correct, it is much heavier (especially top heavy). if you follow some of the other threads here about some fairly easy modifications to the CRF, namely front sprocket, ECU and exhaust changes, the CRF becomes quite a different little bike than when it rolled out the door from your dealer. good luck and take a peek at some of the other threads, i think you'll find lots of information to help you out.
  14. jeffjcalweb

    what can i expect from the performance mods?

    you will have no problem riding 65mph on the streets. you probably won't be passing anyone at 65mph so keep that in mind, but 65mph is absolutely maintainable. i don't have any HP numbers so won't speculate, but by the feel of the bike you can be assured it is 'better'. the biggest differences to me are acceleration from cruising speed, the ability to actually use 6th gear and in general a much more responsive bike across the board. honestly the worst thing that can be said after all the changes is the gas tank is still the bikes biggest weak point (to me). the performance mods are just going to make you a bit more aware of 1.9 gallons is not a lot...
  15. @CRSFan yes I have the 13T sprocket as well. pure performance increase, no question about it!