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  1. IdahoEnduro

    2016 450xcf Rocker Melted

    I had a 2014 350 do this exact same thing. KTM replaced the motor even though the bike had 45 hours. My dealer did all the work. It pays to have a great relationship with a local dealer.
  2. IdahoEnduro

    Need a rear shock for 2016 350SXF

    I have a brand new take off of a 350 SXF 2016 I'll sell you. Make me an offer.
  3. Hey guys, please check out the 15 minute short that I put together after a week of filming in the pacific northwest last summer. Give it a share and let your friends see what riding is all about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2ehjHFwYoE
  4. IdahoEnduro

    2015 XCF fork and shock

    I usually trade bikes every year to keep things fresh on my race bike. If I can find a leftover 2014 I may just get another one of those. The only problem with buying a new 2014 is that when I trade again next year it won't be worth nearly as much.
  5. I currently have a 2014 350XCF with full ohlins suspension and a fast way linkage guard as well. I am going to be picking up my 2015 350 XCF next week, but after looking into things I see that the front axle has changed and supposedly the rear shock is longer. I am curious if my ohlins forks will fit if I change out the axle and wheel spacers, or do the 15's use an entirely different wheel as well? And as far as the shock goes, if I swapped out the stock linkage for the fast way one off of my 2014 would the ohlins shock work as well and have the correct height and travel? A little bit confusing, as well as frustrating that KTM changed these things on the 15 making anyone who had spare suspension parts and wheel sets need new stuff. Just like when they changed the rear axle. Anyone who can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdXuxOXUd90
  7. Take a look at the teaser by buddy has put together for a film he is shooting. Awesome shots of some really cool bikes and the best riding areas in the PNW http://vurbmoto.com/videos/coming-fall-behind-mist-teaser/21175/
  8. IdahoEnduro

    2014 Brake Lever

    As most of you know, the 2014 KTM's use a different front master cylinder (and brake pads). This means a new lever. Does anyone have folding levers (like ARC or Sunline) out for the 14 bikes yet? I have been unable to find anything.
  9. IdahoEnduro


    I have had all three and the Sidi's are by fat the best. Best buckles, last the longest, most comfortable and lightest. Also definately more water tight than the other two
  10. TM Husaberg Beta KTM Honda