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  1. Rockyfireguy

    AJP clutch alternative

  2. Rockyfireguy

    AJP clutch alternative

    Sure. It's a 2010 ec450. I pulled the trigger on one on eBay. I was desperate and getting nervous that I wouldn't find one by next Thursday.
  3. Rockyfireguy

    AJP clutch alternative

    Does anybody know if a brembo clutch master cylinder will bolt right up to the hydraulic line if the stock model is AJP? I busted my ajp perch and it's like a month out. Headed to Moab in a week and I need to rig something up. Thanks.
  4. Rockyfireguy

    Front wheel spacers

    Does anybody know what front wheel spacers would cross over on my 2010 ec450? I'm looking at putting on an acerbis disc guard.
  5. Rockyfireguy

    So, you bought yourself a GasGas.

    I could use some insight as well.
  6. Rockyfireguy

    bought my first Gas Gas, School me.

    Nice. I had no idea there was such a conversion. Thanks.
  7. Rockyfireguy

    bought my first Gas Gas, School me.

    Ok, so I have all kinds of questions right now. I have been looking for a trail/dual sport bike for some time. I came across a 2010 EC450 on CL for $1500. Seemed like a good deal so I pulled the trigger. The bike is in good shape however the electronics have been removed? There is only a headlight but it is not working right now. Not sure why. Anyways. There are a bunch of leads behind the headlight shroud that look like they may attach to a trailtech vapor or something of the like. Did I pay to much for this bike? Where is the best place to get parts? GG manual states that 98 octane is recommended best I can do is 91 with some octane boost. What are your thoughts? suggestions? Any help would be great, thanks. Finny
  8. Rockyfireguy

    hasitation/ miss at cruising speed

    Crushing speed? Must be right before ludicrous speed. ;-).
  9. Any body hav Nevermind. I tried to delete this and accidentally hit submit.
  10. Rockyfireguy

    XR650R Oversized seat which fits Clarke 4.3 Tank

    Not 100% sure but I think the foam just sits on top of the stock seat pan. So if the stock pan fits with the clarke tank then there shouldn't be an issue. Let's see what others say though.
  11. Rockyfireguy

    1996 XR600 slipping kick starter

    hey, would you mind keeping us posted on here as to what you find? Mine does the exact same thing. And I'm not mechanically inclined. Thank you sir.
  12. Rockyfireguy

    Xr600r mods

    Upgrade your stator to a Ricky's 200w+ and the worlds your oyster. Don't forget to upgrade the regulator to a beefier one. Ricky stator also sells them. Other than that it really depends on the type of riding you like to do. This is a very versatile bike and could be set up a multitude of ways. Enjoy.
  13. Rockyfireguy

    Xr600/650l corbin

    no metal pan, it's a hard plastic. It was very easy to install.
  14. Rockyfireguy

    Xr600/650l corbin

    im changing the rear spring in a couple days. I'll weigh it for you and let ya know. It feels pretty comparable to stock but not 100% sure.
  15. Rockyfireguy

    Xr600/650l corbin

    The 650l corbin bolts right up to the xr600 :-).