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  1. I am buying back my 2000 KTM 400 EXC after selling it to a buddy 15 years ago. Bike has seen very little riding and I want to completely go over the bike and get it in top condition. Rather than cross posting here is a link to the message I posted in the general dirt bike forum. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
  2. She is coming home. After 15 years I am buying back my 2000 KTM 400 EXC. Bike seems to have seen few miles/hours since I sold it to my buddy after only 2 years of ownership. I am planing to baseline this bike fluids and replace as needed seal and such. I am compiling a list of items I know will need refreshing and was curious if anyone else had anything to add to the list. Thanks in advance. Very happy to have this bike back! Below is my list: both oil filters and oil - oil O rings too? clean oil screens air filter replaced flush and refill brake fluid flush and refill coolant new springs to adjust suspension to my weight new fork oil jetting the carb with JD jet kit fuel I believe has been drained but if not drain and clean tank and carb probably new tires, the front may be original improve seat foam and cover (I recall it hurt may ass horrbily) new grips Check/adjust valve clearance New lithium ion battery Sound like a good list of thing to attend to. Anyone with any knowledge of the RFS motors have any insight on other things that need attention while I'm at it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Super appropriate in a post seeking advice for a fellows 14 yo daughter.
  4. I'd love if the 150 XC w was a bike that would haul all 290 lbs of my 6'4" frame around and she could play on it a bit but I'm too big a guy for that bike. The difference in our body weight and stature make a shared bike unrealistic. Thought about the x trainer or freeride as a bike for me that she could move into but I don't think that bike is a fit for either of us. I'm torn between the KTM 300 XC w and the 500 exc for me, likely going for the 500. Ideally the garage will have both. Part of me clearly wants her on a better bike than the current Japanese offerings (admitted gear junkie) but I will take a look at those mentioned. Honda crf150f is 234lbs. Maybe the Kawi. Kid is just a go getter and excels at everything she does. I don't mind tying up the funds to give her a bike if it's well suited to learning on and can be made easy for her to ride. I know I would have loved to have the 150 XC w at 14. I know it's more sensible to buy an inexpensive used Japanese bike but being sensible can be overrated. As always, appreciate the feedback and constructive dialogue.
  5. I'm not aware of any Ossa or Scherco dealers in my area. Beta X Trainer and KTM Freeride crossed my mind but 250 or 300 seems like a lot more bike then a 125 or 150.
  6. Lowered full size, yes. At 5'7" that's completely reasonable. Considering for the reasons stated; much lower weight, much better suspension and much better brakes. Wouldn't anyone want to learn/improve on a bike with a 30 lb weight savings with the suspension and brakes of a XC KTM? I know I would have. Seeking the optimum bike to learn on and if I can't tame the throttle response I would stick with an easy to ride 4T. I know she'll still enjoy a CRF 150 F. I'm less concerned about initial cost and more about suitability. KTM 150 XC W will hold its value well.
  7. Still leaning toward the crf. No big loss if I buy used and she's ready to step up in the near or distant future. It will free up funds for her other interests, new violin and saxophone. Haha I know if she goes to the track with friends she's gonna want a 2 stroke. I appreciate the input and discussion.
  8. At present, the couch. Haha. Picking up an 07' KTM 450 exc and an 2000 Ktm 400 exc (me old bike bought it new then sold it to a buddy) Was looking seriously at new Ktm 500 or 300 xc w/Husqvarna te 300 till these bike became available. I'm a big guy. 6'4" 290lbs (that numbers coming down). Had a kx 250 before that (crazy bike) an old rm 125 and a couple street bikes.
  9. I have mixed feelings about horse power and limiting it or teaching the rider throttle control. I wouldn't want her to be scared off at first so I would possible limit the throttle to keep it off the pipe.
  10. Disregard this entry. Could not delete this message .
  11. Have to admit I didn't believe the crf 80 was 5hp. Haha, Imagine my surprise. Where did you find the Ktm 150xc w hp?
  12. Same reason I want her on a KTM, weight. Those bikes mentioned are 250lbs +. The 150f is heavy at 234lbs. All twice her weight. Ktm 150 just a tad over 200. The bike I want for her IS the bike that best for her. Weight is a big factor in my decision. If I can tame the throttle, a light weight bike with a much better suspension, hydraulic clutch and a bike that already has a light for Maine ATV registration might win out.
  13. My gear/tech side really wants the 150 Ktm to work but leaning towards the crf 150f. Can always move up if she takes to it well. Crf would be a great "fun" bike anyway and it just saved me (re allocated) about $4k!
  14. I thought the modern 2T had low end power and were far more manageable then early 2 strokes. I know on the pipe a 2T is too much but maybe a flywheel and limit the throttle to keep her off the pipe. Crf R's I thought were also a hand full. Putting a crf f motor in a Ktm chassis would be silly but kind of what I'm looking for. Haha No, I'm not going to put an air cooled 150r motor in a 150 xc w chassis but if I could detune that sweet little Ktm 150, what a bike it would be.