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  1. Woodsweapon350

    18 YZ450F valve clearance 18.5hrs

    My 06 450 went 400 hours on original piston and valves. I changed the crank too but it was so tight still that I sold it and the guy is still currently using it
  2. Woodsweapon350

    AV Fuel 100 LL Myths

    There’s a slew of anti av gas cronies running around here. I’ve been running it for over 5 years in every single machine I own including lawn mower and weed eater. I’ve never seen a problem or experienced any ill affects while using it
  3. WR trans is so over rated. Should have just bought an F and had the suspension done for the woods
  4. Woodsweapon350

    2019 450 long haul updates?

    Let’s talk about the 19 450 and how it has been holding up. They’ve been out for a while now and I’m sure there is some 60-100 hour bikes in here. I’m buying a new bike in the spring and the kx is number one on my list. Let’s hear how you guys feel about them after putting some hours on it
  5. Woodsweapon350

    Ignition system testing 2002 400exc

    Thanks guys good info so far. The manual specifically says the stator can only be tested for a complete failure which I don’t believe I have
  6. I’m looking for someone who maybe be knowledgeable in the testing of ignition system components on the 2002 exc’s. I have one that was idling one day, the idle raised up for a few seconds and the bike shut up. It has never ran since that happened. I have visible spark but part of me believes that it’s not enough to run the engine. I have ruled out timing, (these bikes are next to impossible to skip timing especially just idling), and I have ruled out carburetion as the bike will not even cough with a shot from the accelerator pump or even some starting fluid. The start clutch was acting up, grinding when using the e start and also when kicking the bike manually I could feel the kick start kicking back at me at the bottom of the stroke. After replacing the start clutch all of that is gone but still no fire. I am not very familiar with the RFS bikes, just trying to help a friend get this thing running again. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  7. Woodsweapon350

    21 inches tube in 18 inches wheel

    There’s nothing wrong with what he did, I would have (and have before) finished the day on it.
  8. I’m looking to use the master cylinder from another bike but the fittings are not the same. What companies will mix and match fittings to make a custom brake line?
  9. Woodsweapon350

    KYB SSS vs Showa (a kit style) 49mm

    I am also interested in this
  10. Woodsweapon350

    Where’s the 19 450’s at?

    Who’s got one? Show them off and tell me what you think. I’m ready to pull the trigger just having a tough time getting rid of my tried and true Yamaha
  11. Woodsweapon350

    Jetting For Overbore Rebuild

    3cc’s isn’t going to require any jetting changes at all. If the bike is starving for fuel it’s either due to an issue with the carb or it wasn’t jetted right before the rebuild
  12. Woodsweapon350

    KDX 200

    Exactly what bricktop said. Turn the gas on and tap the side of the carb repeatedly. Don’t be too gentle but don’t try to kill it eithe r
  13. Woodsweapon350

    KDX 200

    Exactly what bricktop said. Turn the gas on and tap the side of the carb repeatedly. Don’t be too gentle but don’t try to kill it eithe r
  14. Woodsweapon350

    Yz125 carburetor differences

    I need a carb for a 2006 yz125 but I want to know what the differences were throughout the years. It seems like 06 has a different part number than 05 and earlier. What I’m really needing to know is what carbs will work on this bike? Not looking for max power, just clean running. The owner of this bike is just a Sunday trail cruiser.
  15. From what I have read it’s “a kit technology”. What that means? I don’t think any one knows and honestly it’s probably just a marketing tactic