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  1. Hawker

    Power valve issue 125

    I did a search and didn't find anything. The power valves on my Daughters YZ125 are not opening. The linkage is not broke. The valves move freely in the cylinder together. Its like the govener is not moving the arm like it should. I had the linkage cover off and started the bike. I reved the bike and it would bogg very badly but when the PV tried to open you could hear the motor respond but when the PV linkage came back down it would just bog again. My daughter told me the bike had no bottom end but it had some mid and all of the top. but now that its in the garage it has no bottom, mid or top. just bogs. I took apart the governer and everything looks fine no extreme wear on anything. the arm moves freely. any help would be helpful thanks
  2. Hawker

    Two yz250f with issues

    You could have a air leak somewhere that would cause the hanging idle. Like the hot start. Make sure its tight and make sure it moves freely back in place. Have you tried adjusting the fuel mix screw? this might also be giving you a problem. Good luck
  3. Hawker

    what should all this cost

    I had a 07 yz250 head done at Foward Motion for just under 600 bucks. This included New valves, springs, seals, guides, and seats cut, head was assembled, clean as if it were new and reshimmed when I recieved it. I got kibble white valves and springs.
  4. Hawker

    YZ250F Project questions.

    If you had the bike for 9 years and done nothing to it...... there is a laundry list of stuff that I would do. Send the head in to be redone with new valves. Get a new piston, crank, cam chain, oil pump, all new engine and tranny bearings, New complete clutch. new seals and gaskets, the cylinder may need to be bored and replated depending on how much wear it has. Inspect the shift forks for wear and replace if needed. Replaced all the suspension and head bearings. You forks sound like they need new bushings in them. Rebiuld the front master cylinder and caliper. you may need to get a new brake line also. good luck
  5. Hawker

    Where's eric gorr?

    I bought my big bore from him and have had 0 issues. I can't really remember the cost cause I bought other stuff with it. I remeber I just gave him my stock clyinder and he just charged for plating. Be patiet its worth the wait.
  6. Hawker

    Post your SNOW & ICE bikes!!!

    Yes there are plenty of studded and ice screw tires avilable for purchase. But guys think they can do better so they make there own. the red metal thing is called a ice fender and you need them if you race. But you should also have them if you are play riding. Them tires can and will cut through anything they touch.
  7. Hawker

    Ashley Fiolek on Carson Daly

    Great post Thanks!!!!!!
  8. Its great to see the youngins on bikes. She looks good. Get the training wheels off asap.
  9. Hawker

    TTR 125 a waste of money

    I have had one counter shaft break in 5 years on 3 different TTR125's. They all have been ridden on the dirt, pavement, and ice. Kids and adults. I know of 4 other TTR125's that friends of mine ride the same and have had no trouble. They are far from junk! I have put more repair money in the wifes 07 YZ250F in 1 year than all my ttr's combined in 5 years.
  10. Hawker


    I'm in WI and 110 mains were too fat. 107.5 with the clip in the lowest position is perfect.
  11. Hawker

    TTR 125 hard to get into 2nd gear

    I'm guessing its bent and hitting the case so you can't move it high enough to get it all the way into second gear.
  12. Hawker

    YZ250F Top 10 Mods

    yamaha part# 5TA-14916-KR-00
  13. Hawker

    YZ250F Top 10 Mods

    Thanks that makes sense.
  14. Hawker

    Turning a YZ250F into a trail beast

    Rekluse is a must have for woods riding. I have on on my 04 YZ250F. It never stalls. And hill climbing is easier. I still ride the bike everywhere Ice, motoX, supermoto, Dirt track, etc. just installed a rear brake lever in place of the clutch lever. I can back it in on right hand turns with my leg out. Installation wasn't too bad. Just tedious.