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  1. I haven't yet, gonna mess with it tomorrow. I noticed today that it leaks fuel out of the overflow tube
  2. I've replaced everything but the intake and gasket, looks like I'll be trying that and a 200x carb n I hope it works
  3. I think I have a vacuum leak, I've rebuilt it n it still doesn't wanna come down to an idle so I'm kinda just done dealing with it
  4. Has anyone tried a Mikuni VM22 carb on a crf100 with a TB120 kit? I keep having issues with stock carb so before going threw the headache with a used atc carb I'd like to get input on the VM
  5. Post a wanted add in the 100 forum too, thats where I was able to find mine
  6. I've tried reaching out to you a few times to buy the braces
  7. Looking to do a few mods but finding aftermarket stuff new is hard to come by
  8. By chance does anyone have any crf100 mod parts laying around they would like to sell?
  9. I actually found one. But it takes place of the skid plate and connects the front part of the frame to the back part to make the frame more sturdy
  10. Anyone have a cradle laying around they want to sell?
  11. Has anyone had issues with the chain de-railing on the 2011 350sxf? A buddies came off and broke his main trans shaft
  12. i believe most of the races you can bring a can
  13. is there anyone in the atlanta area that could get me 4 pit passes?
  14. curious, whats the benefit to a true, balanced and or welded crank? dont all cranks have to be balanced...
  15. just trying to get the best bang for the buck