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  1. I ride quads, I have a modded to heck 400ex, but I dont go slow, I always wear full gear and I never drink or slow down when riding I always pin it just to let you guys know and I always stay on teh trail so as not to ruin public land and get kicked out and/or our sport closer to being shut down. I know this is going to sound really odd coming from a quad rider but I dont like other quad riders for the same reason you dont, they are slow and they stop for no freakin reason on hills or on trails for god knows why thats why I always ride with dirtbikers ( cant wait to get mine ). But when I am forced to ride with other quad riders I always set up points that we can meet up so I dont have to go slow and I always go in front cause I am the fastest out of all the quad riders I know. So man if you are faster than everyone in your group just set points to meet up on the trail, you go in front so you dont have to sit there and wait on them to get to the top, trust me I know how that is, thats why i always pin it up hills or whatever ever comes my way. I just want everyone to know that I ride a quad and I keep up with the bikes and everything so just cause I ride quads doesnt mean I am hella slow like all the other quad riders. But man I cant wait to get my yz, I will do so much freakin better on a bike, plus I like bikes more than quads, lol.
  2. i live in spring creek nevada, like a mile away from elko. there arent any really good tracks but i can go to glen helen every once and a while
  3. nofear14

    yz426f 4 ounce flywheel

    thanks guys
  4. I am going to buy a YZ426F and it has a lightened flywheel ( 4 ounces ) and I am curious what a lighter flywheel does ???
  5. nofear14

    Did I start to late?

    Yeah, John Dowd started at like 19.
  6. nofear14

    bigger rider

    If you want to crank up the rear spring you go go to like any dealer and buy a suspension wrench ( I think thats what its called ) so you can adjust it, I found it a lot easier than a screw driver and a hammer. A suspension wrench fits into those notched things on the rear shock so you can adjust it.
  7. Sadly I cant afford to race amatuer nationals, I dont have my own truck nor my own drivers license cause I am 15 and I would not be able to make it to all the races across the US because my mom works 5 days a week and my dad cant take my because he is dead, and I have no friends able to get me to the races so I am just going to have to race locally and see if I can get sponsered so I can get to the amatuer national races.
  8. Thanks man, I had no idea they started that late, cause I mean all I am seeing is like James (Bubba) Stewart in MX Rider when he was 9 so I am like freakin out. lol Thanks for all the replies they helped more than you could imagine. BIG confidence booster. Oh and how does everyone like those Gary Semics videos, do they really help alot??? Because, I am thinking of ordering the MX Conditioning video and Gary Semics Techniques 1,2,and 8.
  9. I homeschool, I only have to work like an hour a day cause I am just studying for my GED (so far the GED book is really easy for me, but its like a mile thick, lol) and in the afternoon I work on my college course (motorcycle and atv repair), so I am getting all my schooling in. I graduate highschool in January cant wait and when I turn 18 I am going to get a job in construction and open up a m/c and atv reapair shop and have my mom run it so I can race.
  10. I am just now getting seriously getting into racing, i am 15 turning 16 december 29. I ride on average 7-10 hours a day or more sometimes. I work out at night cause the gym i go to gives you your own key when you join so i can unlock it and go at night or way early in the morning. Lots of people tell me i have tons of skill and think i should try to go pro. I am going over from quads to a yz426f, i have loads of past experiance on bikes. just curious if anyone thinks i can go pro in the next 5 years or so if i attend all races and put my heart and soul into it??
  11. nofear14

    MX Training

    What workouts should i do for MX?? I am planning on getting really serious into it, i have done mx before and loved it, but i wanna get to workin out before i get my new yz426f, and before i start racing. I wanna get into the habit of doing it, plus i have fun working out, lol. I have no clue what to do. the only thing i figured was when i do weights dont do like body building style lifting just do more of an aerobic thing with less wieght and more reps, what outher excercises should i focus on? oh i also work out with a medicine ball with my friend. and should i go lift weights twice a day once a day or every other day? preferably 2 times a day cause i have fun doing it, lol.
  12. nofear14

    WR owner opinions of CRF450X?

    man i would be re doing my valves every 2 and a 1/4 days
  13. nofear14

    WR owner opinions of CRF450X?

    Yet a couple times a day on TT I see at least one person mention Honda's (supossed) "legendary reliability" :cry: From what I've seen and heard from other riders, honda is closer to the bottom of the reliability list than the top. I know on my 2 old Honda XL's I had a system that worked pretty good for me, it was "don't ride any farther than I'm willing to walk back" i dont have a bike yet (i am getting the wr450f) but i have a honda 400ex quad and i have had to re-build the top end, new piston, new valves, new valve springs, everything and that was only after owning it for one year, and now 2 months after that i had to get a new timing chain, new timing adjuster, and another new piston,and another set of new valves, and now i broke the end off the shaft the shifter goes on when i shifted down into 4th going into a corner, i never ride any farther than i am willng to push my quad back ( i have had to push it back 3 times now, and not from running out of gas). but when my honda works it rips
  14. nofear14

    Quick Action Throttle

    try motino pro if you want a new twist throttle, they will prolly have one. When i was at yamaha looking at a wr450 i noticed that the throttle didnt turn very far compared to other bikes, it only turns like a quarter of the way around if that. lol
  15. if i get an 05 wr450 iwll i still have this problem or have they worked it out for the 05s?