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  1. Thanks for your reply, I to have been a 2 stroke man most of my life, I have only had 3 or 4 4 strokes in my life a xr500r, a xl250 twin carb, and xr250r, and now these 2 xr400r's. the biggest thing is road registered enduro bikes, as police here are very strict then fines are about $1200.00. nothing beats a 2 stroke but the noise boxes really piss my neighbours of lol... might look into a crf450x... my2 local bikes are very different one shop i have it this is best price and yu cant ride it unless you have bought it... other bike shop has tones of bikes and buying power but want more $$
  2. I have 2 xr400r's at present and a shit load of parts was selling them of and upgrading to something new or near new. I have heard through forums and you tube people stating the drz400 is better than the xr400 so thats what i looked at - was leaning towards. both my xr's are mad bikes and great wheelie machines. bullet proof climb up anything start first kick most of the time... I rode a 2010 drz400e today with 640km's on it and to tell the truth was shocked and not in a good way. I couldnt get the front wheel 2 foot of the ground in second gear lol... was smooth and engine nice and quiet... dont know if it was restricted though - but it was a farm bike on a small property. so i reckon used 1st and second gear chasing cows lol. was about to buy a brand new drz400e now I am thinking it might be a downgrade?? can anyone share there experiences please shed some light I read the xr's are less powerful the drz's but also weigh less... where drz's are meant to be more powerful have more compresion, twin cam more power. similar reiability. thank you
  3. Jimmy_d

    Honda xr400 oil coming from breather tube

    ok stripped down re hone reset rings re inspected everything this time only added 1.5 litres of oil instead of 2 litres. and no oil out of breather, when bike is running the frame is near full with oil level way above full mark turn it of and check it and it is on the very low mark... but so far so good
  4. Jimmy_d

    XR 400 breathing problems

    when were your valves done last? I would check and adjust to spec, do a leak down test and compresion test after valve adjustment strip clean and retune the carby i have had my xr do similar things, but they are bullet proof... change my oil every 3 rides or 500km's cheap insurance...
  5. Jimmy_d

    Honda xr400 oil coming from breather tube

    Ok I have taken of all oil lines and cooler and blown them out with compressed air, changed oil filter i filled it with 1.5 litres of oil instead of 1.8 started it and at idle and low rpm high rpm the oil starts to come out of breather once more, ripped everything of and performed a compresion test and was at 128 psi the manual states between 100psi to 142 psi. did a leak down test using the hose from compresion tester with valve removed from it and hooked it up to compreesor set at 90psi.. no hissing from bottom end at all!! so rings must have bedded in fine... very slight leak from exhaust valve on auto tensioner side not bedded in... inlet was quiet as... but hissing was coming from somewhere in top of the head maybee through a valve guide? the head cleaned up really well no physical cracks or warpage was seen by eye when cleaning it up... stll at a loss lol
  6. Jimmy_d

    Honda xr400 oil coming from breather tube

    Yeah I have read workshop manual thoroughly again last night I think it could be the hi flo oil filter but use the same filters in my other Xr without drama am going to do another compression test and leak back test am thinking A blocked oil port in bottom end ? Have drained frame and bottom end but even then it may still retain some oil as my dipstick as just touching full might suck out 200ml and see if it rectifies
  7. I have a 2003 xr400r and also a 1998 xr400r the 2003 is my baby and the 1998 my beast lol. i had both bikes sitting over winter as per normal. pulled them out oil and filter change using castrol 4t new filters fitted correctly lol, had a good ride and noticed oil coming from the breather and putting splatter on my back wheel. on my 2003 model drained and replaced oil filter and oil and it hapened again. read some forumns - spoke to local bike shop whom said sticking rings / oil pump. from sitting... my 2003 has 19,000km and my 1998 30,000km's So upon advice from shop stripped down my 2003 model bike new piston rings and barrel - new valves valve seals - new cam chain, oil pump, and flush bottom end clean all lines and bottom filter. put it all back together and ride it gently not an issue - until under rpms and I get same splatter on my back wheel. i have similar crank vent pressure with my 1998 but my 2003 is pumping a light spray of oil from breather hose. with the hose of and engine running you can see a light spray of oil coming out of pipe onto the carby. where my 1998 has never done this. the 2003 has great compresion rebuilt to stock specs... I have seen many people with the same issue, mostly from overfilling - 2 litres at rebuild - 1.8 at filter change... and some from other reasons but no one I have read has stated how they fixed it?? even with rebuilds and it reoccuring.. the bike is running as new doesnt blow smoke no funny noises only drama is this blow by... I couldnt even sell it like it as even though the bike goes great - is not of normal operation.... new barrel was honed rings staggered at 45 degrees and fitted right as per manual... I am at a loss