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  1. yater

    What do you guys use to clean the carb

    Any carb cleaner should work. I'd just replace the jets. Any little speck of gunk can mess things up. I don't like pulling the carb any more than I have to. Also make sure that the needle and seat are spotless....or replace them with new ones. You can probably use a twist-tie wire to clean the jets but I don't mess with it.
  2. yater

    Which Rotella??

    The 15w-40 rotella is regular dino oil while the 5w-40 is synthetic. I prefer the 15w-40 around here because it's HOT but I've run the 5w-40 and it's fine too...both are cheap.
  3. I did the same thing a couple of years ago. This one started as a '97 xr250r. They make great dualsport bikes if you stick to 55mph roads. I prefer the xr off-road over the kdx.
  4. yater

    Pirelli MT 21 question and DS Progress

    yep...I run the trackmaster rear and the mt21 front on my xr250. The TMII is a good dirt tire...forget the fact that it's street legal. The mt21 front is MUCH better than any other dot I've found. The TMII is cheap....about $40 at rockymountain or dennis kirk
  5. yater

    Pirelli MT 21 question and DS Progress

    I like the mt21. I've been through several front 606s and the mt21 is a better dirt tire without a doubt. I run one on my xr250 and I can't complain about it in any condition. If you want dot, the mt21 is the best front knobby you'll find
  6. yater

    White bros or FMF

    I decided to keep mine and run it with 3 discs. It's not any louder than an aftermarket baffle on the stock pipe and it runs great this way. It's also light and usfs legal
  7. yater

    xr250 heated grips?

    Funny you should mention that...I have heated grips on my dr650 and did a ride in the rockies this past may (on the dr). My buddies gave me all kinds of grief (calling me "nancy" etc) until we hit 6' snow drifts and blizzard conditions at 11k'. When we would stop for breaks, I had one on each grip trying to warm their hands. Gloves are no substitute for heated grips.
  8. yater

    xr250 heated grips?

    I've thought about that. I usually don't ride the xr250 much at night unless I'm lost or looking for a place to camp. That's an option.
  9. yater

    White bros or FMF

    No, it doesn't. I ordered one but it doesn't fit with the white bros restricter plate (end cap) without some modification.....So I sent it back. With the "quiet core" and without the restricter plate, it is about twice as loud as it was before (already unbelievably loud). I'm not going to buy a $50 piece that needs modification to work.
  10. yater

    xr250 heated grips?

    So what's a reasonable option for the stator? I guess I could wind it myself....anything to avoid outthere? I've heard some nightmares about some of the aftermarket stators.
  11. yater

    DR-650 questions

    If you're having to open the airbox more (take cover off), you're running too rich. Drop the size of the main (significantly)....185 is bigger than I've heard of anyone running.
  12. yater

    xr250 heated grips?

    I think I'll try and see what happens when I run them off of the stator. Thanks
  13. yater

    xr250 heated grips?

    If you don't know, don't post in my thread
  14. yater

    Going to attempt the un-thinkable

    So did you look down from the top and make sure the needle was completely seated? The spring is in place?
  15. yater

    Going to attempt the un-thinkable

    What year is the bike? When was the last time you cleaned the air filter?