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    You will pay a lot. They charge by the hour. Your jetting is only good as long as the temperature does not change very much. Your best bet is to read some of the forums and learn how to fine tune your carb. It is not as hard as you would think. The forums will give you a vary good starting point.
  2. bocephus

    lighting coil for 1994 wr 250

    Thanks, The members of thumpertalk are a world of information.
  3. I am looking for a lighting coil for a 1994 Yamaha wr 250. Moose made one at one time but no longer does so. Does anyone know of a company making anything like this ? I also need a gas tank and and do not wish to have to change out the seat and shrouds. A tank from Yamaha is about $350.00. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. bocephus

    Short rider on a Wr250f?

    I am 5'8" and I have two wr's. One is at the stock height with race tech suspension mods, and the other has been lowered by two inches by John at track control. I am more confident on the lowered bike and have found you do not need the extra 2 inches. The bike rides smooth and seems to be more stable due to the lower center of gravity. Nothing is worse than coming to a stop and not feeling your foot touch ground until it is too late to stop the bike from falling on top of you. The lower center of gravity will help here also. It is also much easier to mount the lowered bike, because the seat is 2 inches lower. I ride both bikes and enjoy each, but I am faster on the lowered bike and have more confidence on it in the woods or hills. Have a great day and ride safe, Kenneth
  5. bocephus

    Athena 290 Kit: Anybody put one in yet?

    Athena's website is www.athena-ad.com
  6. bocephus

    Athena 290 Kit: Anybody put one in yet?

    I have 2 kits, one in a 2002 yamaha wr 250f and one in a 2003 wr 250f. I have about 10 hours on each and they are doing great. It really changes the power. The bike will lug down low, but revs fast. The bike does not seem to run hot either. I do realize summer is not here yet, but I have ridden on days were the temp was in the mid 80's and it ran cool. Pulling the front wheel in third is not a problem and I weight 240 lbs. It is awesome on hills too. I had a 280 kit on the 03 before this and had problems with overheating in tight woods and it rev's slower. I think it is a good buy for the price.
  7. bocephus

    290 or 280??

    I have used thumper racing 280 kit and I just put a athena 290 kit on my 03 wr250f. The 290 kit runs cooler and seems to have more power. It is a brand new cylinder also.
  8. bocephus

    WRF250 power question

    I added an athena 290 kit to my 2003 wr 250f and it makes loads of power from bottom to top end. I just went trail riding at 143 off road park in Tn. and it has several long steep hills. My weight is around 235lbs and in second gear it pulls hard. Just point it where you want it to go and twist the throatle. I was able to shift into 3rd on some of the longer hills and it did not phase the motor. Makes for an awsome ride. It also revs as fast as the stock bike and I have had not problems with over-heating.
  9. This is a question for Mr. Dean. I have been considering buying your kit for my wr 250f s. Both have the new athena 290 big bore kit and the air box lids off. One has a DR D exhaust and the other has a CRD exhaust. I am now running lean and need to change my jetting. Will your kits help my problem and which kits do I need? Thanks.
  10. bocephus

    Ever get bored of the yz250f power ?

    Want more power, just try an athena 290 kit. I weigh 240 lbs and my 02 wr250f will pull the front wheel in third gear with just the twist of the throatle. As far as climbing hills, I go up hills in second gear now that I would have bogged out on before. The 450 is more weight and wicked fast.
  11. bocephus

    03 wr250f mods

    I just added a athena 290 cylinder and piston to my 02 wr250f and it makes a hugh difference. Brand new cylinder out and it is a bolt on. Not too bad to install and runs alot cooler than the thumper 280 kit I have on my 03 wr250f. Otherwise just like someone else said uncork the exhaust and the power will be there.
  12. bocephus

    Anybody know if 03 triple clamp fits 04?

    The 03 yz 250f has 46 mm forks the 04 yz 250f has 48 mm forks so the triple will not work for a yz 250 f. I think the 04 wr250f has 46 mm forks though.
  13. bocephus

    Rekluce auto clutch??

    Just shift as if you were using the clutch. Let off the gas a little and up shift, thats all there is to it. Down shifting is the same. I do reccomend the optional clutch perch. I still take a spill ocassionally with ruts and logs across the trail. The difference is the bike does not stall and is still running so when you start to pick it up so be careful grabbing a handful of throttle.
  14. bocephus

    Rekluce auto clutch??

    I have one on my 2003 wr 250 F with a 280 big bore kit. I have road a couple of hare scrambles and use it trail riding. I also have the optional clutch purch. It makes riding a four stroke alot more fun. There is not stalling the motor and you can run in a higher gear. The name implies just what it is. It is an automatic clutch and you still have to shift between first and fifth gears. I have several friends who have bought one after riding my bike. Just a very good product.
  15. bocephus

    WR 250 Big bore kit

    Rick Petterson Racing is offering a 276 cc bolt on kit. It also uses a totally new designed cylinder which has no need for a head gasket. The website is www.rpmsbigbore.com, I believe. I have also talked with Eric Gorr's forward motion and Parts Unlimited will be offering a 290 kit that is bolt on and will be less expensive. It will be made by Athena and is due to be released any time. RPM's Kit around $1300.00 and Parts Unlimited kit around $800.00.