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  1. MrRong

    Ethanol Free Fuel

    stp fuel treatment works perfectly, and you can find it anywhere
  2. MrRong

    Head, Head and more Head

    I woke my bike up yesterday...I'm still real satisfied with my asracing head
  3. MrRong

    White Radiator Cover

    UFO does make them...my X is dressed all in white
  4. MrRong

    2005 450x radiator

    Have you used the copy radiators? I had zero fitment issues with mine. Those rads, plus the mohard guards equal a pretty nice set up
  5. MrRong

    2005 450x radiator

    Oversized fluidyne copies from Amazon $100 for the set. Better than OEM, better than fluidyne, cost less than both
  6. MrRong

    TimberSled Kit

    I think money would be better spent on a snowmobile than a timbersled, but that's just me
  7. MrRong

    TimberSled Kit

    450r kit fits, the place by me has several 450x's fitted
  8. MrRong

    TimberSled Kit

    X is perfect for the timber sled, you can rent them near me, very fun to ride, not sure if it's worth buying though
  9. MrRong

    More torque from the X for single track.

    You should get the stage 7 port job
  10. MrRong

    More torque from the X for single track.

    Hmm, I guess rekluse said website would disagree with you, right in their ad they tout extended clutch pack life
  11. MrRong

    Need more power!

    Dirtbikes do very well in supermotard trim, very well indeed
  12. MrRong

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 First 5 Hour Impressions

    So what you are saying is that you clearly missed the part in my previous post where I very clearly pointed of the fact off all the bikes I mentioned have a mix of core 3.0's and exp's. the pressure plate has to have some stand off in order to gain the necessary gap, in either the exp or core version. Now with that stand off you are going get a different clutch feel because you are basically putting preload on the clutch springs themselves...
  13. MrRong

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 First 5 Hour Impressions

    reread my post, some bikes have the core 3.0, some just have the exp...in my bike I have the core 3.0
  14. MrRong

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 First 5 Hour Impressions

    Just by the very nature for which the rekluse works it's almost impossible to get the stock feel. I've had the revlock and the rekluse on my bike. The rekluse feels more stockish than the revlock, but there is still a differance. With that being said there are 2 ktm 500's, 1 ktm 350, a wr250, and 3 crf450r's that I ride with on a regular basis all of them with rekluses (core 3.0 and exp versions), none of them feel like they have a stock clutch pull...
  15. MrRong

    More torque from the X for single track.

    Anything can fail, and with that being said the rekluse is a pretty stout unit as was the original revlock. In fact the guy that invented the revlock is still running his first one in his bike and that in the mountains of CO. After one season on my rekluse I would have no problem running baja, because I can tell you for a fact baja isn't nearly as hard on the clutch as the mountains