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  1. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not, I've noticed that there's quite a few other KTM's with that offset. It personally was driving me crazy, especially since I was getting tire rub on my fork guard, so I had my local shop dish my rim over abit so it was centred between my forks.
  2. Im from London as well, won't be back in town until April. Riding a blue plated ktm 350 exc-f. Im definitely up for ripping some trails. I have a few places, pm if anyone wants to ride.
  3. Looks good. Im digging the orange / black combo. What wheels are those?
  4. I was implying that you must not own a PLATED dirt bike.
  5. I used to use hairspray, makes sliding the grips on easy and dries tacky. But have just used regular grip glue on my last few pairs of grips.
  6. I read this thread this morning, sure enough I go out for a ride this evening and get this error. Will replace battery tomorrow, hopefully that will cure it. On a side note, has anyone with the 15' speedo noticed the high beam indicator comes on after washing your bike, or if your riding wet conditions? The actual high beam light doesn't come on, just the indicator. While replacing my battery I might see if there's a way to seal up the speedo better while I'm at it.
  7. Awesome view. Wish my dad would get back on dirt.
  8. You obviously don't own one or your opinion would be different.
  9. Equal riding Spring through Fall, Fall riding is always the best though.
  10. My 350 with 13/45 gearing will hit 154km/h on a flat gravel road. Haven't checked top speed with stock gearing yet.
  11. Yup, mine are almost looking pink. A real set of hand guards is long overdue anyway,
  12. My last bike was a kx250f, once you change the gearing, the 350 is better in pretty much every way.
  13. I really hope this is a troll thread, but if it's not... it makes no sense whatsoever.
  14. I also have the Cyclops LED bulb for my 350. Best $60 I have ever spent. I do a few night trail rides every month, and the cyclops bulb throws out more than enough light for me to ride at a good pace. As for mounting it on my 2015, I needed to cut off the back half of the housing that holds the bulb in place. Not sure if your bike would need the same done.
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