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  1. davis53

    Will a 2000 KDX motor fit a 98 kx125 Frame?

    That is a very popular conversion, but I can't recall the guys name that sells parts for it. He is a famous enduro rider. He is Jeff Fredette http://www.dirtrider.net/justkdx/
  2. here is what I use http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=9576
  3. If you can find a used KLR650 or DR650 either will work in your price range.
  4. Where is the best place to buy one?
  5. davis53

    Broken kickstarter bolt... uggg

    When you drill it go to Harbor Freight and buy a left hand drill bit set. Most of the time the bolt will spin out while drilling it.
  6. davis53

    Bike tie down system...

    Where do you buy the tie downs? Never heard of "the zone" here.
  7. davis53

    Legal to race a service honda 500?

    I have see people ride them in the 250 class. They don't have a advantage, nor do they will.
  8. davis53

    Plugged Charcoal Canister=Stalling

    My DR650 stalled and would not start. It acted as it ran out of fuel but had a full tank. In the prime position, I pulled off the fuel line and fuel dripped out. I removed the fuel cap and gas shot out of the line. It was a plugged vent line for the fuel tank. Investigation showed the charcoal canister under the left number plate in the tail section was plugged up. I removed the lines going to the canister and it had gunk in it. I blew out the charcoal with an airline and reconnected the hoses. The DR was suffering from a fuel starvation problem from the plugged canister. It runs great now, so another thing to check.
  9. davis53

    Guts Seats?????

  10. davis53

    ford 300 (4.9) mpg?

    I have searched for a new chip the only one that I have found is the Jet Performance for California. They don't advertise for better fuel mileage either, just performance. If you try one and get some better gas mileage let me know.
  11. davis53

    ford 300 (4.9) mpg?

    My Ford F-150 with a 4.9 is 12.9 MPG, I have checked it several times, with a lot of freeway driving. Not good at all.
  12. davis53

    Advice on a gas hog!

    Get the truck to sit level when towing, you are pushing a lot of air,and keep the speed down. Do the math before buying a new truck the increased cost of gas offsets the new truck payment.
  13. davis53

    Portable Buddy Heater

    Is your life worth it if something goes wrong. I would never use a heater that is not vented to the outside.
  14. davis53

    OTD Prices

    When do they race these at Sandhill Ranch?
  15. davis53

    Got our new 08 TC 250

    Can you please look in your manual for the factory recommended piston and valves replacement hours.