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    XR400 carb problems

    Thx Trail & Baja. I just stripped down the the float bowl, jets & floats. I kept the seals away from the corrosive cleaner. So I have to strip the whole thing down, oh well I was trying to avoid that - just out of laziness I guess. I'll order the rebuild kit. Interesting about the pilot jet, at the time I didn't have any small gauge wire to pass through it and "assumed" the cleaner did its job. Maybe it is completely closed up. I'll order new jets to be on safe side. I swear I'm never using ethanol mix gas again!!!! Thx for all the help, most appreciated, will get to work and let you know how I got on. PS is there a link to that carb vid that Trail guy posted?
  2. Ducati749girl

    XR400 carb problems

    Hey, so my '01 xr400 has been an awesome mount and has run great through the last 12 years however........ it was stored for the last 2 years ( I was building a house) and I forgot to drain the carb. So naturally I have stripped down the carb and cleaned the green gunk out with carb cleaner. Both main jets and pilot jet were soaked and cleaned and blown out with air. (Standard Keihn carb with standard jets). New air filter and plug. So I kick it and it starts first time, sweet, but....... it will only run on full choke. No amount of backing out the fuel screw on bottom of carb can richen it enough to run without the choke on. I'm baffled at this point! Could the jets be "beyond cleaning"? Anyone have any ideas? I hate to admit defeat and take it to the Stealer oh, I mean "Dealer".