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  1. OK guys, I've searched and searched and can't find the answer I'm looking for so forgive me if I shouldn't have started a new thread. Little frustrated right now. I've got an O2 WR 250f I've done tons of work to over the last few years. Recently put a new crank in/bearing/rod/chain/guides and valve adjustment. She fired and ran like a bat out of hell first kick after the rebuild and I've only put probably 10 hours on her since then. Last few times I've tried to start her I had a terrible time getting her to start. When she would start she ran very rough and then after warmed up seemed to do really well. So, I just now checked valve clearance, timing, Idle screw, pilot screw, fairly new spark plug which was fouled because of all the kicking I've been doing. Everything checked out OK and seems fine. Except my timing marks didn't seem to line up right..Seemed like intake cam gear marks looked off..so I took it all apart and reset timing. My timing marks have never quite matched up perfect, the one on the flywheel in particular. I believe I am before top dead center a little right now..a little to the right of TDC marks on flywheel. Basically where I'm at now it seems like I'm not getting spark. I've never had an electrical problem with this bike and I'm not quite sure where to start on troubleshooting. I checked all my connectors and made sure nothing was loose. I know I've had a faulty headlight bulb so I pulled that off not knowing if that had something to do with it. I also remembered that I forgot to reset the clip on my needle from when I re-jetted in Colorado so I corrected that. Either I've screwed something up, or I've got an electrical component that's gone out. Whatever this issue is seems like it started and then progressively got worse if that helps any but I don't know. Not that it matters but I've been running a Athena 290 kit for the last couple years with a hotter spark plug. Any help or insight or experience or whatever the hell helps me be able to ride will be appreciated..thanx
  2. motogangsta74

    Reset 2001 WR pilot screw now the bike won't start

    Damn..read all this and I wish out of gas was my problem lol
  3. motogangsta74

    2006 yz250f Motor locked?

    Gotcha..thanx! Definitely gonna do a thorough search..suspect a lubrication problem. My lifetime metal oil filter fell apart when I pulled it out. Strange
  4. motogangsta74

    2006 yz250f Motor locked?

    Thanx for the links man!! Thinking they're gonna work for me. Think I'll be ok with using my current balancer? Don't see why I'd need to change it but figured I'd pose the question anyway.
  5. motogangsta74

    2006 yz250f Motor locked?

    Good info..thanx nucular..looks like oem is the only available for '02 wr250f. I'll just go with that one lol
  6. motogangsta74

    2006 yz250f Motor locked?

    Thanx nucular..I'm sold on NOT using a wiseco kit. I like the idea of oem ..which is the only one I've been able to find actually. Any links on an actual kit would be awesome if anyone has any leads. I failed to mention I have the Athena 290 kit, new Moose valves, hot cams, motocross header and new Powercore4. With all the $ invested, the rumor of over stressing a new oem crank/bearings with the extra goodies up top makes me a little hesitant. Is this a legitimate concern? Any educated opinion on a stroker crank is welcome ..I'm a fan of horsepower, torque, and bang for my buck in the sense that I don't mind spending extra. Just don't wanna do this again anytime soon
  7. motogangsta74

    Need Advice On Crankshaft Rebuild

    I'd be happy to just FIND any new crank kit for my '02 wr250f. Can't find anything older than '03. Rod seized on crank. I was planning to put a new Crank kit in but the only one I've found is WISECO '03 on up. I need to know which crank is compatible with '02 if any..or where I can find a crank kit for '02 wr250f. Any information is greatly appreciated pic for attention
  8. motogangsta74

    2006 yz250f Motor locked?

    So..I need a question answered for my '02 wr250f. I have the same issue.. Rod seized on crank. I was planning to put a new WiseCo Crank kit in but the only one available is '03 on up. I need to know which crank is compatible with '02 if any..or where I can find a crank kit for '02 wr250f. Any information is greatly appreciated
  9. motogangsta74

    4 stroke rebuild, how often?

    Newbie here..probably in the wrong thread so I apologize if I am. Did a frame-off on my '02 WR250. Put an ATHENA 290 kit on and I love it. Didn't do new valves ..just did shims and had to bump to a hotter spark plug. Pretty much ride the snot out of it every weekend. Problem..over the last few months its gettin harder to iron out some issues. Fouled plug. Tries to overheat. Intermittent red-hot header. Keep thinking sticking valve/adjustment issue. Also thinking maybe try an even hotter spark?? Come on peeps..help me out here please
  10. Newbie Here Needing some help! Been following for awhile ..this is my 1st post/?? Complete rebuild on '02 WR250. 290kit. 185jet. Started ok on 1st 5min test run which gummed up the spark plug. Cleaned plug.. started ok, 10min ride. Now my foot is really sore and she won't start. Wrong Jet? Stuck Float? 93octane not enough? She has new intake valve shims also. I might add that she was a real PITA to start before the rebuild also. also new camchain installed. has de-compressor cam....

    1. motogangsta74


      just needed more spark..went one # down on a NGK..problem solved. runs like a bat outta hell=]