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  1. Triodus

    Upgraded the Brakes

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on upgrading the brakes on my 2014 CRF 250L. So I was doing a major service on my bike, teardown, inspection and re grease on all the parts that needed it, New chain, slider, ect, ect. I decided to go ahead and upgrade the brake lines and pads. So I'll get to the point of this, Why did I wait so long to do the Brakes? Holy crap what a difference! I had no idea how much better it would be, amazing. If you haven't done it yet, do it, you wont be disappointed.
  2. Triodus

    cold weather gear

    I just went and picked up some cold weather gear today. Check this deal at Cycle Gear, Buy the Explorer jacket at full price and they throw in the pants, helmet and a pair of gloves. I went with the Hi Viz jacket and black pants. I got the helmet in Hi Viz size large even though I don't need it. I am selling it if anyone is interested.
  3. Triodus

    cold weather gear

    It's the Stigs Motorcycle riding cousin!
  4. Triodus

    What oil are you putting in your bike?

    You will not be disappointed with Amsoil, I have been using it for years in all of my engines with great results!
  5. Triodus

    What oil are you putting in your bike?

    Amsoil 10W-30 full synthetic motorcycle oil.
  6. Triodus

    How many here are or were in the Military?

    US Air Force, Aircrew Life Support! March 1994 to present. I hit 20yrs in about seven months, Time to Retire soon!
  7. Triodus

    Did my 600 Mile Service today!

    I wouldn't worry about the leftover oil so much, it will mix fine with the new oil and after the second change it should be gone . I plan to change my oil for the second time at around the 900 mile mark and then go to the recommended intervals after that. I am running Amsoil 10W-30 full synthetic Motorcycle oil and using the K & N filter and magnetic drain plug. Be sure and get the Gasket for the oil filter cover, they are relatively cheap. I ordered in bulk from CRF's only.
  8. Triodus

    Honda dealers

    I got lucky, several dealers in my area, (at least 6 to choose from), I started with the one closest to my home and ended up getting my bike from one that was on the other side of town.
  9. Triodus

    Changed back from 13/42 to 13/40

    I agree, I know it probably doesn't hurt it but I just hate revving it so much. I rode for a couple of hours tonite on road and on some easy trails, 13/40 seems to work best for me. Still need some input for Supermoto when I go 17's!
  10. So I was wondering how much difference there is between the two different gearing setups so I went out to the garage and changed out my 42 Tooth rear sprocket for the 40 tooth. When I did the initial change I went straight from 14/40 to 13/42. Took it out for a test ride and I think I like it better, still pulls hard going up through the gears but lower in the rev range. With the 42 I always felt like I was revving the crap out of it. I do the majority of my riding on the street. Here is another thought, when I go Supermoto and put on the 17's, what would be a comparable gearing to 13/42?
  11. Well I did the 600 mile service on my bike. I accomplished all of the inspection items listed with the exception of the valve clearance check. Here are my observations after performing it. The oil that I drained out was like water, Not too much metallic sheen. I replaced it with Amsoil 10W-30 Full Synthetic and installed a K&N oil filter and Magnetic drain plug. Very easy to do on my own. Spent the time to check the torque on all of the bolts and screws, adjusted the Chain Tension. One thing I noticed after It was done, the notchy shifting in the lower gears has smoothed out considerably after the switch to the full synthetic, as far as longevity between changes goes I am probably going to do the next oil change early just to make sure I drain out any remaining break in debris that might remain. Then go with the recommended intervals after that. I will check the valve clearance at the next scheduled inspection, that should be fun! Over all, not bad to do and saved paying the dealer to have it done and didn't have to go without my bike for the time it would have taken for them to do it.
  12. Triodus

    big bore... question

    What about a Hot Cam for this bike? Are there any options?
  13. Triodus

    The 'L' Did it....1st

    That's awesome man. You need to rock one of these. Yes it's a BMX shirt but it still works for us "OLD GUYS"
  14. Like night and day compared with the stock seat. Well worth it! Your Bum will thank you!
  15. I ride it at least 4 days a week. I have a field next door to my house so it's easy to take it for a ride.