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  1. raybobcrf

    YZ80 - How do I get this darned thing off?

    Thanks a million everybody. I do appreciate the quick help. Sounds like I get to invest in some new tools (one of my favorite pastimes). I'll give that flywheel puller a try after I bone up on some howto video's. I assume I'll need to make sure I have the correct thread diameter. Thanks again everyone! Love this site. /raybobcrf
  2. Greetings all, I have an '83 YZ80 that is a puzzle for me. I have tried and tried to remove this part from the motor so that I can open up the casing. I believe it's the magnet that the stator spins around. I also think the threads stop and don't go all the way in to the magnet from a schematic I've seen. I've pulled, clamped, turned, twisted and prayed but no luck whatsoever. I am mechanically challenged, but I'm slowly trying to rectify that. A friend stopped by the other day and said I need a special tool to pull off that part. He didn't know what it was called..... Great. If any of you all can provide some advice on how to remove this part that would be just wonderful. EDIT: The plate underneath is loose and can be twisted around,etc. but the magnet is keeping me from pulling it off. Thanks, Raybobjrcrf
  3. raybobcrf

    Dual Sport? If so, Which one?

    I may be biased, but I love my CRF250L. I have a 30" inseam. First I checked out all the reviews and comparisons online, then I tried out a LOT of bikes (250cc-650cc) before setttling on the LRP. It's FI which means easy starts and little maintenance compared to the KLX, and it felt as light. It's also a bit cheaper. I run it 50/50 offroad/tarmac and just love it. If you ride on alot of dirt, just throw on the 13 tooth sprocket and It's fantastic. I only miss the HP on the highway but I'm not there often. For now it's stock (mostly), but once the warranty is up, I'll start the mods. It's a Honda, the thing will still be running great 30 years from now...