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    Lower Chiwawa trail work

    Twice in the last 10 days I have ridden my pedal bike from Pine Flats CG (which is now open) with the intent of riding Mad River Trail to Maverick Saddle. 10 days ago, I got about 11 miles up the trail (just past the first bridge crossing of Mad River) before I got turned back by snow. Saturday I went again and made it 13 miles up before I ran out of time and had to turn around. I believe I could have ridden all the way to the Mad River crossing just below Maverick Saddle without running into any snow. No chance of crossing Mad River up there though because it was RAGING!! I have cleared quite a bit of the trail, but I don't have a chainsaw. The first 6 miles of the trail are mostly clear of trees, I think there are only 2- 3 down across the trail. There are more trees down the rest of the way, but I think a rider with a chainsaw could get that trail cleared out fairly quickly. No large logs, one pile of 3- 4 trees that is kind of a mess around mile 10. I thought I would post it here in case anyone is willing to spend some time clearing a really fun trail.