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  1. 250fnoob

    faster shifting

    thanx for all the help. i'll feel much better and faster now that im not worried about my clutch pooping out in 2 hours from riding my bike hard. i still got a few years of payments left so im tryin to be good to her.
  2. 250fnoob

    faster shifting

    aaaand not causing much damage
  3. 250fnoob

    faster shifting

    it seems like you take the question a different way than i want it to go. this is not what im talking about. i ALWAYS use the clutch. i dont care if i have to or not i was taught to and thats what i'm going to do. what i'm asking is can I use the clutch, but keep on the gas while i'm shifting?
  4. 250fnoob

    faster shifting

    I tried to search around and didnt find much, and was confused with any answers of related topics. I talked with some kids today i know that ride 2-strokes and when i let one of them hop on my bike and took off i noticed they didnt let off of the gas when they shifted, but still used the clutch. I thought it seemed much faster and smoother than when i ride letting off before i shift. Is it good or bad, what does it do. and if its bad how much it costs to fix and how often i might have to.
  5. 250fnoob

    2002 YZ250F hard to start when warm

    well i got an 04 yz250f and once in a while it will give me a hard time starting it when its hot even if i didnt dump it (which i do occasionally) i found that its really testy starting in first gear especially sometimes. usually i just keep on kickin the damn thing, hold in that hot start it'll start
  6. 250fnoob


    gradually moving my feet back sounds like the best idea..thanks for the advice and i would have posted in an fmx forum if there were one aand barton, im not scared to break a bone i think its pretty unlikely im going to hurt myself seriously enough to make me have to think about doing it again either. im not airing 50 foot here or nothin like that, its a little 25 foot tabletop that i romp.
  7. 250fnoob


    well, yesterday i finally tried no footers and no handers and found out they're pretty easy...and it seems like when i do no footers it would be easy to kick my legs back and do a superman. Is there anything I should watch with the weight shift, and does anyone have any good tips? appreciate it..
  8. 250fnoob

    wr 250f vs yz 250f

    If you're looking for my rear tire to [@#$%&*!] all over you while you're struggling to keep up get a wr
  9. just let him get used to jumping on it since hes used to how the 80 jumps I've felt quite a difference in jumping teqnique while riding cr125s versus my yz250f AAnd they wont coast like that 80 will so if he ever coasts into corners on that thing u gotta break that habit moreso than if u were to stick to a 2stroke
  10. 250fnoob

    More Tire ?'s

    lol, im not expecting much here but i was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for mostly sand and loam conditions...some hardpack dirt...but i have to ride through my neighborhood a lot to get to where i can ride since i dont have a truck and my rear tire (after 2 months) is looking pretty worn to me..
  11. 250fnoob

    Idle Speed increases as bike warms up?

    im not sure as in accordance with another post i do not ride it till i see some good heat waves comin off the header...neways when i start my bike (no choke cuz its not cold) it starts and stalls a few times before it will run and then after about 30 seconds of idling the idle speed picks up and thats when i know its gettin warm. but about the sputtering i've tried to ride it a little bit cold when i first got it because i didnt know and it sputtered all around, and if i touch the gas at all when i first start it, the thing stalls...but it dissappears when im riding so i dunno why dont you just warm the bike up every time u ride it?
  12. 250fnoob

    05 yz250f or 05 crf250

    I dont see any difference really between my 04yz250f and my friends 04crf250, but i havent been riding that long, and those are not 05's...but its close neways, i wouldnt be suprised if they were all the same damn company with how the worlds markets work these days go w/the cheaper deal, or the closest dealer
  13. 250fnoob

    Feathering clutch "technique"

    I've been riding for about 2 months now on my yz250f and feel this is a great technique. It has helped me out immessureably through burms, especially the 180 degree ones that i was slow in, and flat corners as well I sure as hell like it a lot better than not using it Someone said my clutch is "slipping" a little bit but that it is good for a while Im not too sure what this means since i havent been riding long but it feels the same to me...
  14. 250fnoob

    yz125 vs yz250f

    even tho i really really like 2 strokes, in the 125 class the yz250f is superior. You cant really compare a trail bike to an mx bike, so unless ur wr has all the free mods then ur talking about something different. the 125 isnt really harder to ride than the 250f, the 250 is considerably larger though. My bike is stock, i've raced just about every 125 two stroke they make (recent years, as well) except a ktm and im smokin some heads. either way at least its a yam, u know they're the best
  15. 250fnoob

    450f over a 250f ? Advice please.

    why not just get a yz250 if ur concerned w/the power. Its either having a load of a bike w/the 450f or an alum frame w/the 250 (which still hauls) I have a 250f and at first i thought when i traded it in i'd get a 450f but after riding a lot of 2 strokers i think the 250 might be the better choice... good luck w/ur decision