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  1. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    Update: I loosened the clutch lever a little last night and still nothing. I did notice that when I put it in gear while not running I can role it. I can feel a little resistance, but still it shouldn't move I don't think.
  2. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    I will loosen it when I'm back home and see if that does anything. My gut feel is it won't as it had the proper free play before and I tightened the cable to see if that would help with the "no movement" issue.
  3. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    The bike is an '06 and no free play in the clutch lever.
  4. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    Hi everyone! I've been reading posts for several years and normally I can find the answer to the current issue or modification I'm digging into with the wealth of knowledge here. That is until now. Here's my issue. At the end of last riding season my chain broke going up a hill. The chain then got wedged in the front sprocket (my fault for running a bigger sprocket to get a more usable 1st I'm sure). I let the bike sit over the winter and recently got the itch to get back on the trail so I put on a new chain, rear sprocket and changed the oil. Got ready for a quick little test ride around the block and when I let the clutch out.................nothing, bike won't move. Starts and runs normal, no noises, clanks, etc. I can feel it go into gear, but when you release the clutch there's no movement. I can get it to move a little on it's own if I'm off the bike and on a flat surface. Here's what I've done so far: - verified the clutch cable is working (ie, moving the leaver on the top of the engine) - adjusted the cable just about as far as it would go. - pulled the disks out and they look fine with plenty of life left From here I'm not sure what to check next. Any suggestions? Thanks!!