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  1. You wouldnt happen to be bill blue would you?
  2. I have been contemplating this for a while. I have read that the older kx forks swap with the older klx 300, but will it work with my bike? I just dont want to commit to buying them and finding out they are a few millimeters off. Or if the forks dont fit my tripple tree, will the kx tripple tree fit in my frame. And will the kx tripple tree fit my headlight and cluster?
  3. 2009 klx 250s
  4. I am 145lbs and I do alot of off road riding. The times I knotice it the most is on woops and on hard hits. It bottoms out alot and actualy affects my handling on single track. I have adjusted the rebound all the way too
  5. Was thinking of getting some stiffer springs and/or thicker oil. Has anyone done this mod or have any tips?
  6. I was thinking of getting some stiffer springs and thicker fork oil. Has anyone done this upgrade or have found that the front forks are too soft? It's for my 2009 klx 250s
  7. I was looking into picking up a project bike and found a good deal on this model. It needs a total restoration. Any info on part availability? Is this a good project to take on?
  8. Check the starter solenoid. If there's continuity between the 2 posts then its stuck on or something is keeping it on