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  1. Were you able to finish? I was at that race, and it was a sloppy mess. I didn't even finish a lap - my front tire went flat - and I was thankful because I was so tired. I stopped right before the obstacle trial.
  2. Yes, as of about 5 minutes ago I got it squared away. The issue was actually my friction plates were too worn. I was surprised at this as this clutch only has ~250 miles on it and didn't look too bad. All in all, the new friction plates made up the 1-2 mm gap between the EXP disk and the pressure plate. My advice to anyone installing this on a Beta to make sure that you get new friction plates on a new install. A couple other things: 1. When turning the slave cylinder in, the directions say to go in 1 full turn, then 5 clicks past that. With my slave, I am not able to even go in 1 full turn before completely bottoming out. 2. This install is dirt simple on a Beta. I can take this thing a part and put it back together again in about 20 minutes. I've had plenty of practice now. 3. I was surprised at how much more zippy the bike feels. I barely hit the gas and had my front end off the ground with zero effort. I will probably have to turn down the power valve again. I'm guessing this is because my clutch is basically brand new. I plan on taking the bike out today and see how it performs. So far, I can tell you that I can't imagine not having this clutch for the type of riding I do. It's so effortless! I can't wait to try it out this weekend on the Montana Ought Six Enduro. Should be interesting to see how much it helps on a race like that.
  3. Apparently you can NOT use just 1 washer along with the bearing on the throw-out. The throw-out is aluminum and the bearing will wear into the throw-out. Rekluse is overnighting me a different throw-out and misc other parts. I really am impressed with their customer service, especially "Joe from Idaho." What a great company to deal with if you ever need help!
  4. I have the 2013 300 RR. The directions were very explicit to use: washer + bearing + washer sandwiched together atop the throwout. What I meant above was bearing + washer (go with 2). Sorry I wasn't clear.
  5. My next step is to buy new friction plates. I really didn't think I'd need to do that considering the plates are relatively new. However after close inspection 2 of my OEM friction plates are more worn than they maybe should be. The gap from between my exp plate and the pressure plate is around 1-2 mm. Very small, but it seems to make a big difference. I'm guessing with a new set of fibers (friction plates) I will make up the small amount of difference that it requires. If this doesn't work, I may just remove one of the washers on my throw-out and go with 2.
  6. Yes, we went through all part numbers.
  7. Been on the phone with Rekluse. Pretty tight tech service this time around. The last guy wasn't so good. We took it a part while they were on the phone and put it back together again. We verified all part numbers and what not. The pressure plate is not resting on the exp disk properly. There is a gap that we can't get rid of. We tried all sorts of things to get it to work, but in the end, Rekluse is calling Beta to figure out if they can help out with any information. If I find anything, I'll post to this thread.
  8. I've re-installed and verified that all plates are there. I've verified that the gap between the top plate and the exp plate is very small. I've verified that all washers are in place, and ball bearing is in place. I've blead the clutch 3 times now. Currently the clutch seems to sort of work at lower RPM's. At higher, the clutch just slips. I have the bleeder screw turned almost all the way out. I can almost see the O-ring. I still have absolutely no free play to speak of. I'm sort of at a loss. I'm a bit frustrated.
  9. Yes, I double checked the ball bearing was in the slave. I don't think I'm missing a plate either. I've followed the directions to a T.
  10. Anyone have a Core EXP 3.0 clutch installed on their 300 RR? I just put mine in and have found that I can't get any free play gain no matter what adjustment I make on the slave. I try to ride the bike, just as a test, and the bike accelerates but the clutch is in constant slip mode. I can rev up the engine and only go ~5 mph. I tore it apart and put it back together again. It's quite simple to do really, so I don't see how I could screw it up. I called Rekluse and they didn't seem to be able to help me. Any advice? Interesting tidbit, the instructions say 1 turn, plus 5 clicks after the starting point. I can go 1 turn, plus 4 ticks and I'm bottomed out and can't go any further.
  11. Just a quick test, one that I had to do recently. Visit the official: and try to find a rear fender for a '13 300 RR. If you ride like I ride, a fender isn't unheard of for a replacement part. How about a rim? Find either a front or rear replacement rim. Any luck? How about a skid plate? Break pads? Any luck? Now, compare that to or the other 5 websites out there for KTM parts. I'm not talking "Walmart" type shops. I'm talking the official parts website for Beta. I'm also talking about major online websites like Motorcycle Superstore. As far as crossover parts, the average rider (like myself) does not know that Nissan brakes will work on a Beta. I don't know how one would find that information. If you know this type of information, maybe you are someone who should buy a Beta. Maybe someone like me should consider a more well-known brand like a KTM. It's not wrong either way, but OP wanted our opinions of owning a Beta. This is simply my experience.
  12. I'm in Billings, MT. There are 2 shops in MT in neighboring cities. I mean no disrespect to them at all, they've been great. I just wish it were easier to get what I needed - meaning for me - I can just log onto a website myself and buy what's needed without calling to the shop and struggling with the "Beta Bible" of parts. I do very little of my own maintenance, but I'm learning.
  13. I love my 300RR. However, and this is a big however, getting parts for this bike has been a huge pain in the ass. I love the bike, but if I had it to do over again, I would have gone with a KTM - simply for parts and knowledge base out there. This includes aftermarket parts. The website "" is a terrible website that rarely has what I'm looking for. Motorcycle Superstore carry limited parts. Rocky Mountain ATV: almost nothing! My local shop, where I bought the bike, know very little about the bike. Buying beware!
  14. I bent the front rim of my 2013 300 RR. I'm curious if anyone knows if you can buy any rim out there (e.g. Excel) and replace the Beta's rim, or if I need to go OEM.
  15. Basically I wasn't prepared to see my buddy off his bike on the trail filming me. I was going pretty fast for how tight it was and looked over at him for a second. When I had my eyes in focus on the the trail ahead, I was going to fast to get out of the way. It was really strange actually. I sort of became fixated on the tree and just accepted that I was going to hit it. My throttle was pretty open, and I'm not sure why. I seemed to gas up for the impact instead of backing off. I still don't know why I did that. The whole wreck was so stupid of me. I still can't believe that it happened. What weantright said above is absolutely correct. My eyes were on my friend and not the trail ahead. It only took a second. Learned a really valuable lesson about trail awareness and concentration.