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  1. ahaha u right vietze even if they will never ship just one shim...u have to buy at least 25 of them...
  2. I like the bleedshim too...I have got a lot of good feelings on the bike using it. Regarding the float my big issue is to find a od6 8x0,25 to add to the collar to have more float using an hard stack...
  3. I think you have to read better what I wrote....absolutely happy in the hard technical means good damping no deflections and a balanced bike. My issue is harshness on the hs obstacles and what I understood it's that I probably have too much float in the midvalve. There is no bleeedstack in this showa 2003 model. The fork functioning is perfect, no bent or worn out. The Cardinale's starting point was too stiff for this fork but he gave me a lot of good inputs. Don't forget it is mounted on a two stroke bike. I can also will add a couple of faceshims to the main valve. Cardinale tell me why this is not a starting point. I'm thinking that starting from this configuration and working for example on the mid first I can feel exactly how the fork reacts as changing one parameter at a time is easier to understand. It is true that I revalved 5 times but my approach was wrong just removing a faceshim a time from the bv then from the mv. I'm also thinking to my tuning approach at the moment: I'm starting from a cross fork mounted on a 450 so the normal way to operate for enduro use is going softer removing shims but the opposite also can be right...starting from soft and going stiffer (there's also more fun :-) ). I also start read the Dogger's post and it's nice. cheers max
  4. mates...please remember I'm still learning and also consider that reading all the discussion in English is an hard job for me !!! Anyway I know my forks are very soft but it is a sort of starting point to feel the changements better. Van Wick appreciate a lot your reply as it's very useful..will update you
  5. I just returned from a long ride today about 100 km (70 miles) and wanna report the main issue on these showa mounted on a beta 300 2t. Love them on technical low speed route sections with stones roots etc but still have some harsh on high speed rocks...that's the setting and would like to understand from where to start experimenting: mid or base and also how stiffening one how effects the other. Base 28x10 30x10 (5) 28x10 26x10 24x10 22x10 20x10 18x10 16x10 14x10 12x10 16x30 (4) Mid 20x10 17x10 14x10 12x10 WASHER 10X10 (2) 11X10 (2) FLOAT 0.35 CIAO
  6. exactly..if u go over 0.35 the piston rod enters too fast and hits the oil not yet passed through the bv piston ...the result is so harsh on your arms...
  7. But Bailey apparently u r running 1,55 float just removing only 2 0.10 shims...
  8. I'm working on a Showa 47 so we have different floats but obviously the same comcept...I'm getting good results today with 0.35 float but also having installed these merge spring in the piston helped a lot..
  9. H-B-R what you mean for low float and soft mid-valve ???? float around 0.20 and the mid ???
  10. think idea is to set the float around .35 and c how it sounds...
  11. going back to the bleedstack...what's the effect of reversing the stack ??? hardware washer 1.6 tick and 16 diameter just to mirror the size of the stack ??? and what about using a coupe of 20 to cover the oil flow then a tapered stack ?? or what about to totally cover this oil flow ??? ciao max
  12. any input about these merge ics rising rate spring ???
  13. I wanna have a sort of marsh mellow at low speed as my track are a sort of trial...river stones and single tracks full of big stones...I need a bike that doesn't deflects as I ride so technical...
  14. Mates...I don't think the mis is so soft as it's made by 20x0.10 17x0.10 and 15x0.10 with a float of the next move will be probably to lose a 30 on the base trying to balance the system...wrong ???? The bike is harsh on the rocks at high speed...not so bad or good at slow what I'm searching is a way not to be harsh on high speed ...I don't know if it's possible to have this setting or if it's only a dream... ciao max
  15. Vietze...I knows Japs are really strange guys but I don't understand the bleedstack influence ..I mean if not necessary to put 2 or more hardware washers in there why they vaste at least 20 expensive shims ??? Please let me enter the sacred graal of tuning..:-) explaining this bleedstack... Zucco if you will be available next Saturday I'll prob will offer a beer to you mate... ciao max