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  1. Yes exactly, I was calling a Kawa mechanic today and ask him if it should be like that, and he has no clue either, But he said its enough if its a cut in the direction of the cam rotation. And i can't find any pictures on other cam caps.. Think it's okey then.. Or?! Hmm.. I bought a new cylinder and piston, they was not savable Is it no way to check the oil passages without split the engine? I had hoped to avoid it I attach some pictures to look at the cam cap and the cylinderhead.. Thanks for answering!
  2. Thank you for you're answer! Oh, my bad, i don't mean the bearings.. I think the correct name is journal bearing or sliding surface? Yes i saw it was i cut into the journal(?) on the "head side", but because it was a cut on one side here I noticed it. On the head side it looks better, there are some small scratches in it, but not much. The crank feels good, i haven't removed it just feel it and there are no gap or noise.. Someone has using "gasket on cans" on it, probably the mechanic who changed the piston, and i saw some residues between the head and the valve cover. What you say makes sense, because it has both warm in the cylinder bore and camshaft bearing. Something I reacted to was a pretty quiet ticking from the valves when I started the bike, and this happened about 1 kilometer later. Most likely it was the lifters(?) who ticked by poor oil supply?! It remains well to examine the oil pump and look through the oil passages, and probably a new cylinderhead
  3. Hello! Last week when I was out driving, the bike started to sound strange and lost power. I went back and turned off, then I could not kick-start it again. Tried to push start it but then it came a strange rattling / clanking sound, but it never started. Yesterday I tore apart the engine and found that the piston seize up in a terms I had never seen before. It is only on one side of the piston where the scratches are When I looked at the bearing seat to the camshaft, I saw that it started eating into the estate, but think it looks strange to oil supply on the inlet side. You look at one oil passage (intake side) so there is no passage to bearing race on the bearing cap, should it be so? You can also see the damage to the bearing seat. Does anyone have an idea what could have happened? Can you do something about it, or have to buy a new Cylinderhead and bearing caps? The camshaft seems to have fared well The bike has approximately 55h and piston change was made about 15 hours ago .. I enclose some pictures of how the piston and bearing cap looks. I'm from Sweden and using Google translate so please excuse the language. Thanks in advance! The piston Bearing cap