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  1. So a friend of mine is parting out a 07 yz450f and has a ton of parts im interested in but my question is will they fit my 02 yz250f? The parts im looking at are, 1.front and rear wheels 2. front forks (or just the shocks) 3. rear shock 4. swing arm (basically any suspension part) 6. pegs Anyways if you guys have had any experience with stuff like this help would be awesome!
  2. Ok so i recently had to take apart my motor on my 03 YZ250f and when i put the thing all back together the thing wouldnt start and had no compression. Also one of my bolts that bolt the head and cylinder to the case is incredibly hard to tighten and never seems to get easier or finish tightening. obviously its stripped but my question is could this be making the bike loose compression and also can i repair it without buying a new case?
  3. Alberson41mx

    03 Yz250f no start. timing?

    I checked the timing and its at TDC just like my manual says
  4. Alberson41mx

    03 Yz250f no start. timing?

    So i these past few day i had to tear my motor down to my piston to inspect it. After putting the whole thing back together my bike will no longer start. Like its not even getting close. ive changed spark plugs and checked the spark and i am getting good spark but its seriously not doing anything. every once an awhile it will backfire once and thats it. Unfortunately i have an MX race tomorrow so im freaking out.....any ideas?