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  1. it doesnt have electric start, wiring for lights, no lights on, 19" rear wheel on, has 48 tooth rear sprocket on, the tank only holds £8, basically everything that a yzf has. the bike is stolen recovered, the engine numbers it shows are of a 2004 bike.
  2. just had a quick look at the bike again in the garage and it definitely the grey and sky blue wire. the bike is also 2004, is there any chance this bike is a wrf450? it seems to be too quick to b e a wrf tho it also has 5 gears
  3. 2004 yz450f
  4. bought a yz450f off a friend and for some reason hes cut the sky blue wire and the grey wire on the cdi unit and insulated them apart from the others. dont know if this i the reason for it being very hard to kick up or not but i have no idea why its so hard to fire by kicking it will bump easy and runs fine once its started any ideas appreciated? thanks